Saturday, October 2, 2010

Religious Conversation at the Lunch Table

So yesterday, the entire family is gathered at the lunch table enjoying a lovely dish of gaboo6 when the light conversation took a deep and religious that dear Hubby was not prepared went something like this:

Sister: tadroon ena belail lama tnamoon your soul gets taken up to heaven by Zakhrafees
Aunt: Mnu Zakhrafees?
Mama: she means Hafees
Aunt: Hafees mu sha3er qadeem?
Dad (just joining the conversation): wain eroo7oon our souls?!
Sister: Foog 3ind Zakhrafees o Hafees
Dad: laish?
Sister (trying to be funny): 3ashan yeshriboon gahwa weridoon
Hubby (staring intently at plate, head down): estaghfer Allah, estaghfer Allah...


moi said...

welcome back!