Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Tragedy Strikes Um Manaf

I have betrayed my readers. I have committed the ultimate sin in Blogostianity-aism, I have failed to maintain a steady posting habit. Bes lama t3arfoon why, I'm sure you'll understand...or at least if you decide not to understand, then for the sake of all our lovely memories, politely but firmly hit the X button on the upper right side of your screen and forever more speak no ill of me.

So now, on to my tragedy.

For the past few months I found myself staring at this screen, this dusty, chocolate-stained, screen hopelessly trying to write. But something won't let me; or should I say someone...

Someone who has completely taken over my life, and has brought with it such shocking and tragic news that I found myself paralyzed at the fingers, not knowing what to type..

Bes before I introduce you to that someone lazim agoolikom how I got to meet this someone. It was four months ago, in a bathroom far far away ... (to be exact, the one in my parents house) where the blogger you know as Um Manaf discovered a secret. This secret came in the form of a positive sign on the end of a peeing stick.

But the tragedy isn't that Um Manaf got knocked up but it is that after hours and hours of crying (mostly by my mom after realizing she's officially joining the grandma club) and lots and lots of shopping (again by my mom for anti-wrinkle and aging cream) I sat with dearest hubby to pick names...

And when I suggested Manaf ... the unexpected happened. He .... he .... politely shook his head and said NO!!!!!!!!!

My legacy!

The minutes of my life that I dedicated to this blog...

The semi-attachment I have to the term "Um Manaf"

...all gone? With a simple shake of the head?

Can I be both Um Manaf and Um Soon-to-be-Decided? This is not a question anyone can answer lightly...and so I think it would be wise for me to go have a cupcake while I debate something so philosophical and deep.

ps - I might be a while as there are several other deep questions I must answer...such as vanilla or red velvet ... or possibly both?


Anonymous said...

congratzzz um soon to be decided

Mishi6 ka7yan said...

Mabrooooook ;**
and i think that its better that you dont name your kid manaf.. even though i personally like it.. if you do that means you have to share your name with your hubby.. not that its a bad thing but it wont be special anymore.. (one pro ! )

zuz said...

mabrooook um '3ayib :p, ana gayla basamy wlaidy manaf la etheg 5lgich

ps; u've been missed loads loads loaaads xxx

Um Mit3ib said...

mabroookk !! umbay momsadgaa!!! mayloooglich a mom aslan :P entay a car u cant drive properly hal mara take care of adimy:P: ?

hahaaha love u;***! yitraba ib 3izkom inshala;*

Um-Manaf said...

Anony: thank u dear ;**

Mishi6 Ka7yan: Allah ybarik feech! ee ur right... I can't believe i was so willing to share the name with someone .. from now on its mine! MINE!!! (evil laugh followed coughing fit)

Zuz: ebarik feech! Zuz...r u trying to tell me that you're going to be..."um manaf" too? IS that what you're saying? IS IT?!
ps i've missed you too :(

Um Mit3ib: LOOOOL! Remember the *car incident*...tekfain um-mit3ib i'm gonna be a momma...these stories should never be mentioned again :'( I need my child to believe that I'm superwoman...the kind that doesn't accidentally leave her car on D and get out!

love you more 7ubbii ;**

Um Mit3ib said...

LOL i think once ur child starts talking ohwa/ehya ily ib yifthi7ooonich;p mo ana:P

Um-Manaf said...

Um Mit3ib: why the hate :( .. lol ;p

Anonymous said...

After all this time and i decided whatever happened to um manaf?? ..MABROOOOK!!! :) im in shock though and still wont believe it..forgive my denial :)

All the best,


Nemo said...

Mabrooooooooooooooooooook :)

um-manaf o um-mit3ib r u on twitter? :)

Um-Manaf said...

Tmobile: I'll forgive your denial if you forgive mine! Ana lail7ean mu em9adga o ma atwaqa3 ra7 astaw3ib til i'll be sending it to university.

Nemo: Ebarik feeech! and no i'm not on twitter, i was for a while though bes I stopped. O ma adry 3an um-mit3ib walla bes hopefully she's religiously following my blog and will answer your question soon ;p