Friday, October 8, 2010

My Professor, Formerly Known as the Racist

Tathkiroon mara geltlikom 3an a professor I had eli kan 7ada racist? Well this semester I'm taking another class with him o honestly I could dedicate an entire blog to him o swalfa!

For example, he talks wayed okay? O his english is terrible el maskeen ma3ana he's supposed to be fluent in it. Anyway apparently there were a lot of complaints about him talking in Arabic during lectures fa he decided to address this issue last week, during his first class of the semester.

Beginning of class:

Hello, my name is Dr. Flan al Flani, some of you may know before we start I must tell you something that is very important. You see this is a high-level course which means we cannot do like before...always talking in arabic...

Ten minutes later:

So you see, what i'm trying to say is we must all try to speak in English. It is for everyone's benefit...

Thirteen minutes later:

...but of course if there is one word maybe you don't know how to say in English then of course we will help you and tell you the word in Arabic...but mostly we must speak english.

Seven more minutes later:

Anyway, I think now you all understand about the requirement for this class. Enzain yalla khal nabdi.. ana awal shay bagool attendance o ba3dain bawareekom el kitab eli lazim tishtiroona, hal kitab wayed zain ana el 9ara7a ka Diktor wayed a7eba..

Mu min sijjaaaaaa...!!
O 6ool el mu7athara ga3ad esolif bel 3araby o el9af kella ma gal one word in english!

On to another topic....ga3adt min elnoom meshtahya CHABDAAAA...
way3 9a7?
kelish mu feminine 9ayra Um Manaf ..

A9lan min kither ma I was craving it re7t 7ag Hubby wihwa nayem o I shook him awake o lama maskeen ga3ad ekhtara3 shwaya (cuz kent lazga wayhi in his face) chan egooli "shfeech shfeech?!"
chan a6al3a ib daloo3a eyes wagooola "aby chabda"
O now, three and a half hours and two home-made cheddar cheese sandwhichs later, baroo7 my favorite ma63am for some chabdaaaa ;p