Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The Mysterious Cousin From Abroad

So I'm sitting at home getting ready to work on my essay (khala9t 53 words out of 2,500, btw so it's going great..) when my phone rings and it's mother dearest:

Mama: Aloo..goomay badlay o ta3alay weld 3amich FLAN AL FLANI is coming over.

FLAN AL FLANI = a cousin who i've never met and have rarely heard about who's been living abroad for the past 12 years.

Um Manaf: Enzain? shako ana ayey?
Mama: La goomay o ta3alay salmay! O lebsay 3adil (Translation: besich jeans o uggs o please for the love of God saway shay ib sha3rich cuz it's scaring the kids)

Asaker el teliphone minha wadeg 3ala my sister:

Um Manaf: ..maly khelg ayey
Sister: Adry ham ana! She threatened me Um Manaf...she said she'll kill me if I don't make polite conversation. Kill me.. as in dead..as in ..bye bye.
Um Manaf: I wonder shyayba back after all these years
Sister: I know...I wonder shimwadeeh hnaak for all these years a9lan
Um Manaf: Maybe metzawej wa7da hnaak..
Sister: ..yeahh...or maybe he's running away from something here..
Um Manaf: Or maybe he's gay?
Sister: And he has a lover...
Um Manaf: Called Paulo...
Sister: ...Or Raul..
Um Manaf: Yeah..kinda makes sense..
Sister: I know..

Um Manaf hangs up from Sister and calls mama 3ala6ool to tell her the juicy gossip that she and Sister had just figured out..

Um Manaf: Aloo Mama, don't you think it's kind of weird that he's been there for so long? .. Me and Sister were just talking about it and..
Mama: What's weird about it? He finished jam3a and now works bil sefara...why what did you think he was doing there?
Um Manaf: umm..........gotta go bye!


Simple Gurl said...

looool !!

2a5er shay 6la3 he work fe el embassy :p

Anonymous said...

hahaha i love what you and your sister came up with more than the real thing :P

Yooy said...

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. that made me laugh!!!

xtc said...

LOOOOOOOOOOL isn't fun making up stories :D so much more entertaining than the real... boring.. thing....

Anonymous said...


Your sister is def your sister :p

she should make a blog of her own and we'd get double the dosage:p

Shamma said...

looool i cracked up 3ala u and ur sister's convo... ur scenario is sooo much better than the truth ;)

mrayty said...

i do that all the time ;Pp

oo my mom killa tzefny...tgol khala9ty elfilm elhindy khalas? ;Pp

Standy said...

amazing you figured his life story only by him being away for the past 12 years looool =p

FingerPrint said...

9idg banat! We love exaggerating everything :P

Wa7da Qabiya said...

LOL Um-Manaf you made my day, I just found out that you're back and I'm oh-so-happy even thought I'm ib 3ez emte7anati, anyhoo I was wondering are you ever gonna finish you're story? The one with the Scorpio?