Saturday, January 16, 2010

Mako Salfa..

Ma3indi shay to write about.. fa bakharbi6 shwaya

- 3indi wayed work to do for finals o ma sawait shay.
- O maly khelg asawi shay
- Oo wedi a7ad esawee el shighel 3ani
- Or wedi e9eerli khelg to do el shighel
- I've decided its time for Um Manaf to have her battle with perscription-drug addiction. I'm starting with panadol night o this herbal "calming" thing eli ekhaly my left arm go numb...
- It doesn't make me calm tho.. in fact i'm the opposite of calm
- 9ayra a7alim ini ga3d at'hawash weya zoji wagoom im3a9ba o china 9ij met'hawsheen
- 9ayra hal ayam i stay up in bed o have deep meaningful conversations with myself. 3an life...o love...o religion.
- Its so sad ina its with myself
- In fact...after spending so much time with myself la7atht shay
- i'm boring
- Malait min shakh9eeti
- Malait min shakli
- Malait min sha3ry
- Malait min esmii
- Subconciously stressed?
- Split personality disorder?
- I tried going on a shopping spree + dying my didn't work

Aby at3araf 3ala someone new (not a guy! Don't freak out faj2a alga fwds "um manaf cheats on husband".. laa ya naas manaby hal kharabee6) .. What I mean is a new interesting friend. Someone I can learn stuff from. Fe a7ad minkom interesting enough?

Yalla I'm proposing plan "How Um Manaf Got Her Groove Back..."

Here are the guidelines:

1. Anyone interested in helping me get my groove back email me at
2. You must be interesting
3. You must like food, a lot of my conversations revolve around food
4. You must completely and totally worship me, the ground i walk on, and the golden drenched words I speak....even if they
are about what flavor ice-cream i'm about to devour first vanilla or strawberry cheesecake
5. You must be able to undo all the mental and emotional damage that I've been through in the past 21.8 years.
6. Okh I just got an'hagoon vanilla ice cream wya redbull ye6la3 7elo?
7. Yalla baroo7 ajareb 3ala ma you email me...if i don't reply to your emails please call 911 and tell them ina i probably poisoned myself bel ghala6
8. or took too many of my "calm.." pills and my left arm has fallen off
9. And yes i did mean 911 because lets face it even if they came by boat across all seven oceans and took a mini 2 week vacation in thailand before arriving at my house...they'd still be here faster than 777 (or 112 ...mako farg el9ara7a it's not like they'll answer 112 either)


mrayty said...


am i interesting enough to email? ;Pp

tigerlilly said...
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Um Loai said...

Um Manaf..

You're quite possibly the funniest, wittiest, most intelligent person on blogger.

I therefore would like to proclaim that i do indeed worship all golden drenched words you...type...and I am in fact worried about both a) your mental health in regards to how bored you are with yourself, and b) your sudden need to become diabetic by over dosing on the tablespoons of sugar found in both red bull and vanilla ice cream.

I worry. *sigh*

Um-Manaf said...

mrayty: I don't know..say something interesting..QUICK!

Comment Deleted: Laaish laaaaish ;p

Um Loai: And worry you must...for I have just invented a new meal..1 handful diet cereal..3 cups milk...9 packets of sugar. Betshofoona soon on Rachel Ray

mrayty said...

banana hamock ;P

Um-Manaf said...

mrayty: well said.