Sunday, April 5, 2009

Um Manaf's Amazing Sense of Direction..

The other day my friend was trying to explain to me how to get to her house o 6ab3an being amazing with directions (there is yet a navigation system to be created that will cure my road-sense-stupidity..) o shafat ina mako fayda so she decided to meet me halfway at a Burger King. 

O Um Manaf el sha6ra terkab her car and drives to that Burger King (not before missing the exit and taking the wrong u-turn like a million times...9ij wala I took the same u-turn three times..and yes I did get shwaya dizzy) o she sees her lovely friend parked jedamha waiting. Her (impatient and 3a9abiya) friend goes down and gets some food.

Eventually she pulls out of Burger King with Um Manaf close behind her. And what does Um Manaf do when she was supposed to be focusing on the road and learning the directions? 
She was texting.... 

(I mentioned ina my friend wayed 3a9abiya o ini akhaf minha 9a7?)

As we pull into her garage she texts me "inshallah dalaitay al7ean? Because you're coming back again bacher ebroo7ich .." 

(Ihnee galb Um Manaf y6ee7 ib ba6enha...bes ma3alaikom, Um Manaf mu ghabiya! She always has a plan...)

Texts back: "Flana...nesait la a6lib shay min burger king lets go back plz plz plzzzz" .. 
So she agrees and I get in the car with her and grin to myself lani 7adi sha6ra ga9ait 3alaiha and now she has to drive all the way back and i'll get to memorize the way again..

So we drive to Burger King and pull into the drive thru..
Flana: sheno tabeen? 
Um Manaf: BBQ Sauce (innocent smile)
Flana: (lots of mumbling with a few swear words in between) 

And after the two "extremely important" packets of BBQ Sauce we head back to her house..

Chan erin mobile Um Manaf..
O g3adat etsolif..
.....o etsolif...
.............o etsolif...
...until faj2a we were pulling back into her garage.  

ps: I have to go back to her place in an hour
pps: MA ADIL!
ppps: help me please
pppps: I even forgot how to get to that Burger King..
ppppps: Mino ydil hathak el Burger King ili 3alaih sign kbeer katbeen BURGER KING o feeh drive-thru? 


Jam3iiya(L) said...

um-manaf seems to enjoy writing about her self in third person, does she not? ;p

oh and hahahaha 6I7SAY!

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

wallah ench nekta ya um manaf ;**

khayzarana said...


abe burger king yeebeeli ib 6ereejich:P (if u arrive):P

3anooda said...

im sure ako only ONE burger king bilkwait kilha ily feeha drive through oo fogha sign kbeer maktoob 3alaih burger king - laneh ilbajeen maktoob 3alaihum mcdonalds a'6anay


sorry babe i couldnt resist

Change said...

inshallah daleetay..!!! hahahahha

CrazyCatQ8 said...

lo ana ur friend ely ma3ach .. chan saba7tech bel BBQ souce min zimaaaaaaan :P hehehehehe

again entay embad3a LOL

Um-Manaf said...

Jam3iya: Oh she does! She hates talking about herself so when she talks in 3rd person it's almost as if she isn't talking about herself! don't you just love her?! ;p

Dandoon: my sole purpose in life is to amuse you kelkom ;* lol

Khayzarana: The best I could find was a KFC .. can I interest you in some hormone-induced chicken?

3anooda: haha I don't blame you, i'd be even more cruel! ;p

Change: Ee dalait bes se2leeni esh3ugba :P

CrazyCat: o min galich ina ma sawat feeeni almost the same thing. She made me drink the leftover bbq sauce until it was all gone :(

CrazyCatQ8 said...


kisartay kha6ree khala9 heheheheh

Queen Bee said...

Lool, its not only you;p ana ma adil 6reej baitna(A)kila athee3 but at some point ou9al bs ansa il 6reej:)