Monday, April 6, 2009

My Not-So-Expensive Burger..

Today I went out for lunch at one of the few "somewhat classy" burger-joints in Kuwait which I will not expose the name of as a sign of respect for its owner (tara it was Burger Hub) and after we had finished with our pretty average meal we asked for the bill..

When it comes, I take out my K-net and hand it over to the woman and she swipes it into the machine and hands it over for me to punch in my code. And I do so.


"Try again ma'am"


So she tears out the failed receipt and hands it to me then smiles "sorry ma'am it seems your card doesn't have money" ..

I look at the receipt min9adma.... where did all my money go?

And I take a closer look at the receipt and almost have a heart attack.

Yes, 7sabna for 2 burgers and a couple of appetizers was 55,005.292 KD..I mean if the economy wasn't in such a crisis this would be acceptable bes ya3ni COME ON, we're in a recession!


ps: I had the 55,000 ib e7sabi bes kan nagi9ni 292 fils 3ashan chithee my card got declined.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

agoolich entay nekta ma t9adgeeny ;Pp


hatha with an extra 8 fils lelzaman ;Pp

bs seriously!! this calls for double checking receipts! i never do! maybe thats where all my money has been going??

Cinderella said...

Ymaaaaaa! Hathi wayed emfahya, ma7asat enah she added much more numbers?!
Ya Um Manaf, il7een lo il 292 fils kanaw fil e7sab, o se7bow il mbla'3 el3od o enti bs bet76een lehum elcode oo betamsheeeeeeeen?! Allah yahdeech bs.
enyey 7g elso2al elwajeeh: 3a6aiteeha tip?

Anonymous said...

takhylay makhtha kart oboch 3alabu "free shopping" w ekon sa7eb elmablagh and the receipt was actually accepted!

Anonymous said...

takhylay makhtha kart oboch 3alabu "free shopping" w ekon sa7eb elmablagh and the receipt was actually accepted!

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: hal 8 fils hathooli ba7e6'hom bil savings ;p ya36eech il 3afya ;* .. and ee law sama7tay double check!

Cinderella: eeeee a7e6 il code wamshi china il 3eed! Ba3dain arkab il sayara o yo9alni msg min il bank "kha9im 55,000 min e7sab XXXXX" o telgaini dasha ib agrab shaba..

o la2 .. ma 3a6ait'ha tip..3a6ait'ha zaffa

Anony: chan allah ysalmich my dad allah y6aweli ib 3omra wagef galba ;p ygoom min il noom yelga sa7been 55,000 kd 3ala shay isma WAZOO FRIES..ymoot!

3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOL imagine ur card DID actually work - kaaaaaak 3ad ma tafleesa. yil3an abu il burger - la oo if u need the leave the customer 10% tip - yo6la3 iltip broo7eh 5500 KD - way3a hatha ilmukan bay2ajiz shahar min warach inty oo ba6nich. LOOOOL

eldctora said...

wow thats a lot for a burger..low ray7a that place with the drive thru oo el big sign ely maktoob 3laha burger king mo a7sen??

S E 7 E N said...

55,005.292 ????? olaaaaaaaaa hehehehe what did you go in and tell them you want to buy BURGER HUB ??? hehehehe ... ta3aaaly low kan fee i7sabich 60.000 oo 9ar chithe shitsaweeen hhehehehe ana a6rid il nas kilahoom oo agool bs yalla hatha ma63amii

Um Mit3ib said...

hal 292 fils ehya ele gasritich bs ;p?

Anonymous said...

r u serious ? ya3ni burgers cost that much ?

okay okay im confused its a typo mistake 9aaaa7 ? i mean a burger that costs 660,000 dhs is just insaneeeeeeee !

Okay im having a blonde moment but plzz do explain :P

Um-Manaf said...

3anooda: el tip ebroo7a will cause me a heart attack loool! 3ad chan zain the burger was worth kan wayed 6ayeb.. ;p

eldiktora: ee 7ada a7san bes ma adila :(

Se7en: law e7sabi fe 60,000 o es7abaw 55,000 3ala a burger chan allah ysalmik 6aradt lawadim o teraba3t ib wes6 burger hub o BICHAIT..

Um mit3ib: ee sheftay shlon..bes al7ean i have them o i'll use them for when i take u to dinner. Eshgilna fa6ayer 9a7?

Anony: laa 7abeebti bsmilla 3alaich hahaha! it was a typo ;p

CrazyCatQ8 said...

OMG hehehehehehehehhhhehe
um manaf .. golay el9ij :P akhaf kintaw yowa3a 7abetain :P o kalaitaw 7ita elchef LOL

7asbeyallah 3alaihum heheheheh
o wayed e3jebatny hathy ---> ps: I had the 55,000 ib e7sabi bes kan nagi9ni 292 fils 3ashan chithee my card got declined. hehehehehhehehehehehheheheheheheheh

Jam said...

haw 7aram 3alaich! a7na ib recession oo fawtha oo savings, wintay 55,005 ib 7isabich oo matsalfiina? 7isbiyallah wini3ma illwakiil, 7isbiyallah wini3ma illwakiiil!!!

7aram 3alaich, sharing is cariing!! ;p

khayzarana said...

ana agool law 6ara hal chem fils oo sharya burger hub chan 5osh shay:P

bes derbalich double check next time...kil 6rag ib ta3looma:P

eshda3wa said...


ALWAYS check the amount before punching in your code!

Limited said...


galby wgaf .. shoo hal burger ely makltina??? is the bun gold leaf or something???? 55,000 KD?? thats like 550,000 AED! i would faint right on the spot ..

7sha! bseer at3sha f burj al 3rb maby6l3ly fatoora chee =P