Saturday, April 4, 2009

Kuwaiti Immaturity

Ana la7atht min fatra ina Kuwaiti's have developed a very interesting way of communicating with each other when it comes to being angry or upset. Song lyrics. Whether it's by sending them in a text message with the "insulting" lyrics or by putting the words as their nickname on MSN...whether its one or the other, Kuwaiti's have once again managed to break barriers in the communcation field.

As if we didn't already have enough problems with communication ib hal deera! Ma buga ela ili bil majlis ygooloon 7ag ba3ath "ensa il za3al.." everytime they disagreed on something.

Trust me if you want to get your message across to me don't do it by means of ghinya lana i'll just laugh in your face...I prefer you do it the mature way, where you call me up and scream at me.

O ba3ad shay thany, what's up with the people leaving rude insulting anonymous messages ib chatrooms + comment sections? Etha 7asbalkom ur strong by doing that 9eeraw gad 7arakatkom o say it to the persons face and let them know it came from you. Don't hide behind an "anonymous" name when you do it. How am I supposed to be insulted by someone who doesn't even have the guts to call me up and say what they have to say to my face? They're so cowardly that they have to go biskat and comment under anonymous ib my blog to do it.

Ya nas grow up...eli 3inda issue o yabi he discusses it please be man/woman enough to call that person up and do it the right way, and if you're too weak to do that then just don't do anything at all! O put down Rashid El Majed's albums and use your own words for once.

ps: adry ina I sound angry ib hal post, and I'm really not, I'm just really frustrated o disgusted shwaya.
pps: and 6ab3an I have to add this, mu kel kwaitiyeen are like that + under some situations when its a joke or shay its acceptable, but i'm talking to those who use it as a form of communicating and a way to "insult" people.


3anooda said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL thakarteeny ib wayid sowalif - check this out

CrazyCatQ8 said...

LOOOL i hear u girl .. specially the msn thingy hehehehe

bas wain ely yesma3 .. gelteeha they r CHICKEN ;)

S E 7 E N said...

dakhly il kalam from 1 ear too 6al3eeh from the other 1 :) oo il 7igran iga6i3 il mi9ran ;)

Um-Manaf said...

3anoooda: I'll check out ur post now ;*

Crazycat: I hate cowards

SE7EN: 3adi it doesn't affect me bes they need to get a life

Anonymous said...

Hahahahahaaaaaaaa tha7akteene 3ala Salfat il song lyrics :p you're right abbai saaraw lawadim esoulfun bas eb songs lyrics ya3ny eredun 3ala ba3ath eb partat aghanii :| !!!! Aku askhaf ? :p

Um Mit3ib said...

ya3ne amsa7 my personal msg khalas? u got the msg;p ?

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Khaywaloon zaiin, ma menhum fayda hal ashkal. Tet7achain, matet7achain.. Its all the same. Kshtay yam3awda.. You said, they're cowards, and they know it =P

ZuZu said...

eeeh tell me about it ,, kel ma a7ad yez3al meni ydezli a song ;/ mara tamer mara rashed mara madri mnoo ;/ y'3ethoon

Cooookies said...

a7eeb il barr welmazyooon ;**

LOL kella men ms D the song is playing in my mind:/

suspic said...

Now some anonymous will ask for your number since you told them to call you up and scream. =O

Anyway, I prefer the straight-up-to-the-face-rude-once-and-for-all technique.

It has a long name, but it's effective. You just say whatever you want, get it over with in one conversation and the issue would be over with it.

No need for all that poetry bil msgat o "sikeen elghadir" o all that crap, yes?

kcal said...

7adi i agree with you! ma7ib il laf wil dawaran and nooo they expect US to get that that MSG is for us.. ya3ni shdarana ako malyoum alf shakhs on ur freaking msn list how the hell am i supposed to know its for me .. just come to me and say what ur issue is! phew i had to get that outa my system ;p