Sunday, March 1, 2009

Why Do Bloggers Blog?

My friend turns to me and asks me "Um Manaf why do you blog?"

And it got me thinking for a long time..

Every single member of this alternate universe is here for a certain reason whether they know what it is or not. And these reasons in my opinion vary from the usual to the unusual and to the extremely personal. Had my friend asked me this question a month ago or even on the first day I started my blog my answer would have been "madry" .. but today I found myself with an answer. This answer, was one I could not tell her, since it was one I almost could not admit to myself.

Why did I know the answer today and not last month? Because today I got what I was looking for.

Now I wonder what else I can get by sticking around...

Fa dear readers my question to you is: What are you looking to get from your blogging experience? Or to be more specific, why did you feel the need to start your blog?

I think the only way to be truly honest with your answer is to comment under anonymous fa kel wa7d feekom take a few minutes or even days if you need (it took me months lol) and tell me why you're here.

ps: I know you want to know what my reason was and when there's a good amount of anonymous answers i'll slip mine in between them lol ;p


Bader said...

inzayn ana silent reader o abee ajwb 3ala your questions momken? wla e7na malna rab? lol

Um-Manaf said...

momkin momkin hehe ;p

Bader said...

Zeyn zeyn 3abalna ba3ad ;)

khalas ba3ad ishway mu al7eeen 3ashaaan a5alii anonymous

btw keep up the good work tara ana follower min zeman

Um-Manaf said...

hahaha 3eshtaw mesti7i etgool ya3ni ? ;p

Bader said...

tabyn il 9j? La mu msti7i wagoolha lich al7een if you want.

Some of el bloggers wayed interesting (methlich hehe) o its enjoyable to get to kno u guys!

oo ana m3ndi blog lana ma7es ena 3nde anythng to say that is worth reading lol

Change said...

i started just to prove that I can catch up with the trend, then it became the place i hide, and speak freely.
now its more of the need to have this secret world, where almost no one can judge me for the materialistic things and what a lot of people won't admit, I get lots of compliments..!! which is a confidence boost whether we admit it or not, it is psychologically proved that we need this..!!
plus the fact that I feel like I bonded with some bloggers and have created my own social cycle which allows me to enjoy something I can't enjoy around my real life friends.
they might be stupid reasons, but I think they're what is keeping me, and you wanted the honest answer right..?? ;)

FourMe said...

I lost the only person that I can tell everything from complaining to being silly to irrelevant information.. I started blogging to replace him.. I needed to tell someone these things and I could never find a replacement for him so I just blogged and told everyone that's willing to read the things that I wanted to tell him..

Anonymous said...

I wanted the attention,, i wanted to be the centre piece,,, a change,, something i know its all about me and me only,, and i could say anything i want,,, i also wanted to meet new people, have new friends, or can i say i wanted some attention from guys and girls,, oo salamatkom ;P mino ana? ;P mara7 agoool

S E 7 E N said...

What are you looking to get from your blogging experience? Or to be more specific, why did you feel the need to start your blog?

wasting time ..... i have no reason to blog .... just waist time and see what ppl are saying its like reading a newspaper .... bs ile ma a7iba il love stories ile kil min yaktib 3ana

Um Mit3ib said...

i started out as a thing between me and my best friend... china ya3ne a bond ;p something we did together... ba3dain it just grew on me ;p

moi said...

i started blogging to let go of a past i can say im not proud of

Anonymous said...

kent abi new friendzzz

Um-Manaf said...

Bader: matadrii yemkin you'd be surprised at how interested people would be ;p

Change: No such thing as a stupid reason hun ;* .. thanks for being honest ;p

Fourme: it helping?

Anony: hahaha 9areee7a ;*

SE7EN: hmm..good way to waste time in my opinion ;p

Um Mit3ib: and how did this bonding work out for u? lol ..

Moi: loved ur reason ;*

Anony: I'll be your friend ;*

Anonymous said...

I blog 3ashanich!

- Abdallah

Um-Manaf said...

Abdallah: lol laish? do I know you?? ;p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

At first it was just like a personal challenge - Can I be a succesful blogger or not? Oo i worked hard to make it what it is.. And along the way fell in love with blogging, and cant stop doing it. Even if on day i end up getting no visitors and no commentors, id still continue.. All the fun is in WRITING the post =]

CrazyCatQ8 said...

ummm a7ib elgarga LOL o i wanna spread my wings and fly o agreg more LOL ?

does that make any sense?? :P

Kazeh said...
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Kazeh said...

I started writing for a request from Kuwait Times that I write a weekly article. Things didn't work out with them, so I decided to continue writing anyway.