Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Let's Help Um Mit3ib

Ya naas Um Mit3ib has an assignment o she needs help fa eshraykom insa3ed'ha?



Actually i'm not giving you a choice haha LAZIM etsa3dooonha!

Here's what she needs (o mithel ma galat eli mayabi yaktib il answers bil comment section can email it to her at um.mit3ib@gmail.com)


Hatha Part One:P
1. which websites to u check daily (excluding your emails/ if its blogs, list the blogs u read daily)?
2. what type of online advertisements catch ur attention? (ana shakhseyan a7eb elda3ayat ily on the side of blogs... w 6ab3an fb groups amot 3alaihom ;p bs their not technically an ad)

Part Two:
1. which telecom company do u use (Zain, Viva, Wataniya)?
2. what are its pros and cons?
3. what would u like ur telecom company to advertise? (ana shakhseyan abe more ads 3an blackberry coz a7esa mathlom ;p)
4. do u believe ina a company shouldnt always advertise its services? ya3ne tiyeekom coca cola wetbareklikom bil 3eed... aw itgolikom ina life is beautiful, enjoy it ... bidon "ta3alaw shirbaw cola w pepsi man7ibhom"... inta its just creating a bond between u and the company? (ana a7eb el bonds:P awatheq 3ilaqaty 7ata ma3a el sharekat smela 3alay;p)

Part Three:
1. What types of ads attract ur attention? (video, still, flyer,, etc)
2. What category attracts u? ( comedy, drama? etc)


ps: mu etfashlooni jedamha o ma7ad yjaaweb ;p tara a3a9eb wakhali Um Mi3tib itsaker her blog
pps: Um mit3ib pretend you didn't read that...


Diablo said...

Part one..

1. I check this blog, mine, oo random others.. s9.travian.ae .. facebook ..

2. No online ads really catch me eye

Part 2

1. Zain

2. good coverage, customer serv. 24/7 right?.. some useful services..
RIP OFF !!!!

3. Health promotion :D

4. should include someother stuff to keep it interesting and eye catching not the same drill everytime

Part Three.
1. Video
2. Comedy.. some musicals.. drama can also be interesting

Anonymous said...

1. Fashion websites.. blogs : Confashions- Captivated-Glitter- Randomtastic-Um mit3ib- Um manaf-Living my life- WhatImAbout-Ruby woo- behind these hazel eyes- zuz mania- Chez zaina. I check these blogs almost Every day ;p ..
2. wala online ad caught my eye.

1. Zain
2. Great services .. bas Bawageen.
3. Umm madre i think zain ma khallaw shay ma sawaw 3anna Ad ;p
4. sorry i didnt get this question ;$!

1. Video
2. Comedy

Um mit3ib; best of luck!
Um manaf; Ma 3aash men efashlech ehehehe ;p


S E 7 E N said...

Part 1
1) Soccernet/ Autoblog/ TV
2) non

Part 2
1)Zain, T-mobile, Vodafone, Swiss Telcom

2) they are all good

3) nothing cause bil kuwait mala da3y ay da3ay cause il habba ihya ibroo7a da3aya

4) yes, mala da3y

part 3
1) video