Sunday, March 1, 2009

Guess Whaaat ..

Tadroon ina Um Manaf ba3ad 3 days betsafer?

Tadroon inkom 7aaail ra7 tolhoon 3alaiha? (For those who are considering suicide please don't I'll only be gone for 3 days! Unless I don't really like you..then please go right ahead with your plans..)

El mohim... Wain betroo7 Um Manaf?


Laish betroo7??

3ashaan etshoof Cirque Du Soleil!

Sheno Cirque Du Soleil you ask?

Basically a bunch of men wearing stretchy pants and hanging onto chandeliers for dear life!

And yes, I love it!

La testaghriboon etha sheftaw wa7da raza wayeha bainhom o ga3da teshga7 min pole lai pole ;p

(Tara ana wayed im9adga ini graceful mithelhom...ana a9lan magdar agoom min il kersi bedoon la at3archab)


I ;*


Cinderella said...

Enjooooy, don't slip! we need u back salma '3anma.. ENJOY and bilsalama... Latensain il 9o'3a (stretchy pants for all)

Silhouette Crime said...

ashoof kil7ad is coming 3ndna!

7ayaaaaaaaaaach ya um manaf ;)

Bader said...

guess who is also going to be in dubai in three days ; )

Anonymous said...

why do u copy um mit3ib?!

Um-Manaf said...

Cinderella: hahahahaha! I'll try not to slip ;p

Silhouette Crime: alah y7ayeech ;p ee en7ibkom 3ashan chithee ;*

Bader: 9ij ..laish etqaled ;p

Anonymous said...

allaaaaaaaaaaah wanasa ,, inzain so2al do u know which one is it? fahamtay qa9diii? (a) ako anwa3 cirque du soleil oo plus when is it exactly? oo wain :$:$ wayed as2ila bas shawagteeni fa i hope i can go :(

±What±Im±about± said...

wanasa ! wanasa ! wanasa ! 3laich bil.3afya ! oo enjoy it ;**
tro7ain oo trdain bil.salama ;>

S E 7 E N said...

mit3aniya leah dubai 3ashan Cirque Du Soleil ... ma3indich salfa yoom il yim3a bilail ro7ay kha6 9ab7an ichofeenhoom kilahoom ihnak mit3algeen 3ala il shabat :)

bil salama and enjoy it

Ruby Woo said...

Me and my aunt are dying to go bas ma7ad yabi iyi wiyana fa shinsawi broo7na!

I really wanted to go ;/

Diablo said...

Have a Safeeee Trip

enjoy your time and come back in one piece :P

Um-Loai said...

(Tara ana wayed im9adga ini graceful mithelhom...ana a9lan magdar agoom min il kersi bedoon la at3archab)

LOL! I'm sitting in class reading and that made me laugh so hard! You're adorable!

Inshallah introo7een oo itrideen ib salama!

Um-Manaf said...

Anony: I know there are different types but I don't know which one i'm going to...and umm about the's all month long min march - april ;p hope that helps!

What I'm about: thaaaaaaaank u ;**

SE7EN: hahaah u made me laaugh!!

Ruby Woo: aww come weyana :(

Diablo: thank u ;p

Um Loai: loool ba3ad 3omri ;** alah ysalmich dear ;p

Even Sweeter said...

i guess i'll see u there ;p

enjoy babe...

3anooda said...

weee ana baroo7 on the 19th inshallah - i love cirque

Music, Happiness, Love said...

allaah!! ur so lucky ;(
have fun while i stay here studying;/