Sunday, January 4, 2009

Heyyyaaa...7a9alt Award

Thank you Dandooon ;*

Let's start with the rules:
The honorees are to:
a) first list 10 honest things about yourself - and make it interesting, even if you have to dig deep!
b) pass the award on to 7 bloggers that you feel embody the spirit of the Honest Scrap

So here goes:

1. I think i've mentioned this before bes I have a weird obsession with the show Seinfeld. La mu min il noo3 ili i have posters of them and pics everywhere...bes I can't STAND people who don't like it; I mean you're entitled to your opinions about religion, families, war, politics...bes MU SEINFELD. If you don't respect it and appreciate it as the genius thing that it is ... I will never get over it. NEVER. O whenever I meet someone new who I think i'll be spending more time with I'll always pop the question in a conversation.." you know that show Seinfeld? Yeah, do you like it?" (deeraw balkom its a trap) ;p

2. I drool in my sleep.. (Adry wai3 bes shasawii)

3. I'm extremely BARDA. Biroodi will make some of you commit suicide. If you insult me i'd probably stare at you for ten minutes then be like "ok..." ..and stare somewhere before wandering off.

4. I'm GREAT at keeping secrets...when they're not my own. I can never, EVER keep a secret about myself. Fath7a 3omri 7atan 3ind ra3i il baqala ili bil salmiya.

5. I'm extremely opinionated and it gets me into a lot of trouble.

6. I'm afraid of the dark. And of mirrors in the dark.

7. I get bored easily. I do this thing where I ansi7ib from everyone for atleast a month. I can get bored with everything, from people to my own personality traits. Faj2a I want to be hadya..then next month i'll be hyper. It's annoying and frustrating for the people around me.

8. I'm fascinated by criminals and dictators. I've read dozens of long and detailed books about the lives of dictators lai daraja ini 9ert a3aref shino yetrayagoon il 9ib7. Gabel la anam I always long onto wagra the latest criminal stories. (oo yeah, I do get nightmares sometimes bes 3adi).

9. I can only love the beach for the first hour and a half every 6 months. Akthar min chithee I can't stand it. I also have OCD when it comes to water and sand, I can't stand to get wet sand on my feet. at3ab nafsiyan, i really do.

10. If you asked me what the best two feelings in the world were i'd tell you the feeling of stuffing ur face and of going to bed after a long day.

Inzain and now who to tag...(btw if you've already been tagged ignore my tag lol)

1. Um Mit3ib
2. Ruby Woo
3. Zaina
4. Diablo
5. Slai7e6
6. Abi Omi Abi Ibooy
7. Zuz

o tara 7adi sleepy wana ga3d aktib hal post fa if it doesnt make sense 6awfooli ;p
also...the game today sucked. Hatha min awalha ya kwait???
o ham gabel la aroo7...i miss 3gaidi guy :( ... minziman ma dagli...3asa ma shar yal 3gaidi? khala9 r9eedik???


Even Sweeter said...

ambai!! Walla its like ur talking about my sis!! its scary walla ;s!!

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Woohooo wanasa I've been tagged =P

zuz said...

6 and 8 are soooooo me, at9arga3 mn el dark:|,o i loveee serial killers and creminals i have this vintage book my dad gave it to me, its so sick and i love it:P, my favourite serial killer is the son of sam , his story is so weird;\, thanx for the tag;**

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


poor 3gaidi guy! =S

3ad elyom kan la7egny 3gaidy oo tethakartch ;)

Um-Manaf said...

Even Sweeter: Maybe I AM ur sister? (winks suggestively)...

Abi-Omi: eee wanasaaaa...

Zuz: lol I think its a sign..bacher when we get arrested they'll be like "well they've always had a fascination with serial killers...I guess we should have expected this"

Dandoon: hahaha yemkin he's my 3gaidi!!

Rashid said...

lool 7atan ana moody oo marat malikhilg a7ad :p
btw how do u put the hit counter on ur blog 3ashan it3arfeen how many people dashow? i got the code bes where do i paste it 9a3ib.

Zaina said...

ooooooh i'm tagged?;p
itss haaard to come up with stuff :(

8- yuma, shtabeeen bil criminals?? ;s
shay ikhari3..

7- lol nafsich bilthab6! ana I get bored with people. ba3dain the next day its back to normal.. I wish I'd change that ;p

Diablo said...

LooooL !!!.. 5osh Ma3loomat :P ..

inzaine 3indi so2al !! .. how often do you change your pillow covers :$ ???

Thx for the TaGG !!! .. I'll SEE to it tonite ;p