Saturday, January 3, 2009

Um Manaf Goes to the Dentist

Confession: thersi 9arla cham yoom e3awerni o 7agrita...and I know some of you tried to ten9i7ooni to go to the Doc o ma sema3t il kalam:

Mama: "Um Manaf...tara kelish wela el thirs...roo7ay il 6abeeb"
"Bacher biyeech alam mu 9ij o ra7 eta7asafain.."

"Um Manaf...if you don't go tomorrow....YOU WILL DIE. I'M SERIOUS. DIE. AS IN...DEAD." <---thanks a lot by the way ;p
So ga3adt min il noom elyoom o 6eeeeert il dentist cuz the pain was MU 6ABEE3I ... o teyeeni il diktoora il 7elwa ili imsawya "BUFF" 3ajeeb wa9el lai il segaf o ib kel berood o ib nafsiya "tefathalay um manaf...ishfeech?"

So I tell her whats wrong and get my x-ray done (btw...dearest X-Ray woman who kept getting my name wrong....I hope ur chay (the one u were sipping while talking to me) is 7aaar o ya7rig ilsaanich yal ghabiya...lanich 3awartay ilsani with the xray machine).

Dr. Hair-Puffs-A-Lot:
yala ba6lay 7aljich (to the nurse) LONG INJECTION PLEASE

Um Manoof:
SAY WHAT! ... la7tha diktoora intay darsa bara wela bil kwait (making polite convo and stalling for time as she looks for the nearest exit)

Dr. H-P-A-L:
Bara...ib Ma9er..

Um Manoof:
Ba3aaad? (Suddenly gets dizzy with fear)


Um Manaf:
sfsggs (saliva) dsghs anasfgdfg (saliva) .... *insert whimpering*


And to the second doctor in the room who i BEGGED to hold my hand cuz I was scared ... (galatli "mala da3i" as she laughed in my tear-streaked face) .. YA RAB .. 3ASA IB YOOM 3IRSICH WENTAY 3AL KOSHA O MADA EEDICH 7AG ZOOJICH YAMSIK'HA ... YETH7AK IB WAYHICH WEGOOLICH MALA DA3I! KALBA.


Now I can't eat...(okay adry only for two hours...bes abi food NOW) ...
o ba3dain 3afya BANJ ... mu bes 7alji imkhadar..I SWEAR I CANT FEEL MY HAIR!

Stupid dentists...bil 3ither doctors make fun of you and call you "med-school drop outs" ...

Enzain...yala 3a6ooni presents 3ashan I feel better :(

ps: that's my real x-ray mal elyoom...I'm trying to figure out what it means
pps: e7timal I'm holding it upside down.. looool


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

weeee allah e3eenich! =\

i hate dentists! i have to be DRAGGED to go matter how much pain im in! theyre a bunch of pain-inducing useless creatures (no offence to any dentists - nothing personal ;Pp)

last time i went there it was just a filling oo g3dat abchy o a9are5 chan akser 5a6er eldentist oo egooly ana asef please sam7eeny wallah im sorry looool ;)


(erm...maybe that was a bad idea? ;)

Nemo said...

yalla aham shay eftakaitay :D
al7emdella 3al salamah :)

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: hahaha...3al aqal ur ta2asaflich....o ba3dain 7ada i need kakaw...they're making me chocolate mousse al7ean

Nemo: alah ysalmich thanks hon

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


nameless said...

Um Manoof: SAY WHAT! ... la7tha diktoora intay darsa bara wela bil kwait (making polite convo and stalling for time as she looks for the nearest exit)
Dr. H-P-A-L: Bara...ib Ma9er..
Um Manoof: Ba3aaad? (Suddenly gets dizzy with fear)


i laughed the hell out of me when i read this :P

anyway so yea, i never feared dentists, simply because when i was a fat lil kid, my parents would always get me ice-cream after going to the dentist ;p

Zaina said...

i3awer?? ilinjections?
matshoufeeen shar, winshallaaah u'll get a7saan sooon :***

Anonymous said...

Be carefull of which doctor you go to;p I used to go to the 7ukoma ou il3baw il throusy l3b;\ when i went to london bil summer '6rousi kanaw i3awrouni 7ayl, so i went to the dentist and he told me they did something wrong(: so they had to remove my tooth!! u555..I used to love the dentist cuz they used to give me toys:P and i still love it, i go there every 6 months;p il doctor la3d chabda mni;\
Hope u feel better:* Um-Manaf, please post part 25 tom.;p i have skool, vacation is over;( fa 7adda i want to read ur blog..

-Queen Bee.

zuz said...

lool el7emdella 3l salama:P, 3adyy ana el3ebaw bethrosy le3eb o kahom 3la 7a66at edich nafs el nemona:S mat'3ayeraw! " zuz gives um manaf ice cream kdd " hatha el metwafer;p

Um-Manaf said...

nameless: i want ice cream :(

Zaina: eee yethbaa7! she gave me injection 3ala my "3a9ab" ... almost died....thank u dear el shar mayeech

Queen B: i posted 3ashanich wala ;p

Zuz: alah ysalmich..alaah abi ice creaaam ;p

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...


Abbaih anaa my tooth 9arla yimkiin 3 years e3awrni 3awar khafeef... BS JAD JAD WALLAAAH kil ma abi aru7 el dentist e9er shay =P Im serious! Kiiiil ma abi aro7 something comes up... So akhr shay I gave up =P

Alla yasterrrr...

Um-Manaf said...

Abi-Omi: deeray balich..wela 3ala golat A: you'll "DIE" ;p ... lol ...shofay ana i asked el dentist she9eer law I didnt come at all o galatli my teeth will fall ebroo7hom faj2a...fa gomay roo7ay

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Fall out ebro7a? =[
Bsmella... Khanro7 3ayal =[

Diablo said...

iL faati7 ile bil xray = FILLING

ana mara bitha7ya ksiraw thirsi .. il Dr il yahla il '3abiya ilee matiftihim !! laa witrage3 :S tgoule feeh soos chithi laish WTF !!! shatargee3a :S ashkara she used more force on it !!! laa wisoulfon ma3ay china ma9ar shay .. malat :P.. ana mari7t ila lana kan y3awir oo 3asaree3 :S .. bas now toba no 7ukoma drs !! .. 6ab3an i did kil throusi gabil cham shahar oo now they should be perfect :D

Um-Manaf said...

Abi Omii: ee it starts to like "shatter" ... deeray balich...go o suck it up :( mithli ana

Diablo: hala bil diktoor ;p ... so tell me, am i atleast holding the x-ray 3adil?? ... and ee 7ikooma mithel their faces malat 3alaihom. o zain inik sawait'hom o eftakait :D

eshda3wa said...

la la la um manaf jara7tay masha3ri

Diablo said...

depends on hatha ay jaw loool .. tara mu dentist ana :$

drama_ said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOL ur post mawatni min ithi7ik :P especially the mala da3i part.. and the xray ALWAYS HURTS OMG..... matshooofeen shar!!

DM said...

"Um Manaf: sfsggs (saliva) dsghs anasfgdfg (saliva) .... *insert whimpering* "

OMG 3lyech, thank God everybody's in the other room and not able to hear me laugh out LOUD to that one.

You're beyond hilarious.