Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bold And the Beautiful

Um Manaf alah ysalimkom ga3da et6ali3 MBC 4 ok? Chan e7i6oon hal show china Bold and the Beautiful madry Days of Our Lives (min hal 6aga) ... o ib ma3na il kelma...I ALMOST DIED.


Scene One:

Girl: Mark doesnt love you anymore look he gave back your "special ring" (9ebraw al7ean bet3arfoon what's so special about it)
9a7bat Mark: can't be! *Falls to ground in tears*
Rayal wagef 3ala janb mala shighel bil salfa: What's so special about the ring?
9a7bat Bu Mirkie: This is our...*sob* ... purity ring....we promised to wait before having long as we were wearing those rings...we were...*sob*..VIRGINS...and n-now...Mark took off his ring..... (ya3ni 7abeebna Marko is getting it on somewhere...*Um Manaf laughs uncontrollably)

FAJ2A... ye6la3 Mark! Min wain you ask? MIN IL SIRDAB....6ala3 ina he's been locked up there by the girl lana tabeeh ;p (khosh way of getting the guy you want btw...inshallah i plan on trying it out soon .. bes ga3d ezahboonli dungeon bil serdab)

Scene Two:

Boy: Melanie I love you...We've been together for a year and i LOVE YOU more everyday!
Melanie: Stop it...don't say anything else! have to go
Boy: No Melanie...i'll never leave you. I love you, don't you see? I want to MARRY you (ma3ina ana ma ashoof hatha labis ay special ring fa shakla la3eb o shab3an)
Melanie: Oh ...if only you knew!! *sobbing* (et6ee7 3al qanafa o isawoon close up 3ala wayeha il minhar ili mafee wala dam3a...yet she's crying hysterically madry shlon)
Boy: Tell can tell me anything.
Melanie: I...I'm your mother. I'm sorry, I just found out *more tearless crying*

Scene Three:

Girl: *crying* ... my mother wasn't dead! You buried her alive! How could you!
Girl's boyfriend: Sweety calm down...they checked your mother's body before burying her. They're sure she was dead.
Medical Examiner: Yes we have proof that she was dead before we buried her!
Girl: What?! What's your proof
Medical Examiner: Jonathan (wa7d man3arfa) stabbed her in the chest with a knife before we buried her.


ps: Lazim aroo7 el jam3a now ... etha fe za7ma BATHBA7KOM! kelkom yala redaw byootkom fathaw il shuwari3 lee!


Zaina said...

ambaih! way mit mit min ilthi7ik min "i'm your motheeer"!

way 6omashaa..

Change said...

HAHAHA.. I almost got fired mi kether ma'6a7akt.. aham shay "i'm your mother.."..
i think i've seen this, there is a guy looked in a cage in this girls basement or smth..!! Halairuis..

eshda3wa said...

jara7tay masha3re
cz im a dentist

Music, Happiness, Love said...

omg omg that shoow;p geezz

zuz said...

loooool,the bold and the beautiful 5ora2y;\ m7ad eshofa eb US except old ppl, slaima 9akat'hom madry lesh lel7en emathlon:S, o all soap operas actors,writers, whatevers should get a life!

Um-Manaf said...

Zaina: ee hahaha stupid shows!! la o bil show shakelha kuber the guy!

Change: EE EE HE'S IN A BAMBOO CAGE! as if thats going to hold ya3ni

eshda3wa: i'm sorry :* ur a better dentist than they all are.... wanna look at my teeth? :$

M. H, L: eee wai3 lol

zuz: loool laish 7a6eena ib mbc 4 3ayal?!

Um Mit3ib said...

ebda3 ekhwana lingilaiiiz;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

aham shay im your mother!! =\

we should start our own tv shows if these idiots make money!!

Livingmylife said...

shes his mother?!!?!? wtf! that was painful to read! let alone watch!!!!

MBC4 9ayra loo3a! wela hal aflam el turkiya eli 7a6eeenha!

Nour AKRAAHAA BAS haaah ,, haah! yenbilii3

bas eli ga3deen e7i6oonhom??!?! na3aaaaam! turkish invasion bas eb 6areeqa '3air!

aaah ! akrahom too!


Um-Manaf said...

Um Mit3ib: 7ada

Dandoon: yala lets write a script ..abi i act door il ba6ala plz :D

Livingmylife: EEEE hatha la7that wedaaa3 eli QARN mu la7tha ge6ee3a...mako wela SCENE MAFI A7AD GA3D YABCHI FEEH!

Even Sweeter said...

I'm your mother!! LooooooooooL WTF!! La la Mu 9ij ...Ee walla La taktebon wayed a7san! Hahaa

Limited said...

ya3ni they have spent a year with each other w just now she tells him that shes his mother? 5osh um walla!

omg ba6ny 3awarny min el '9e7k 3laaaih xD

Cooookies said...

LOOOOOL shame on u if u still watch that show :P

Zaina said...

mitaa nawya u post?;p yallaah I misss ur posts!!

Um-Manaf said...

Even Sweeter: ee ana ga3d agoolihom iwagfoon mu rathyeen yesmi3oon il kalam

Limited: 3ajeeba il um...;*

Coookies: i dont i dont :( it was on in the background

Zaina: inshallah now i'll post ;*

DM said...

"Melanie: Oh ...if only you knew!! *sobbing* (et6ee7 3al qanafa o isawoon close up 3ala wayeha il minhar ili mafee wala dam3a...yet she's crying hysterically madry shlon)"

OMG 3la the part in parentheses!!!!

Girl, you made me laugh like someone gone wild!!