Monday, April 27, 2009

Unnecessary, Unimportant, and Uninteresting Facts About Um Manaf

1. When I'm nervous or confused I talk to myself.
"Laish sawaitay chithee Um Manaf?" ... "Al7ean shet'hagain be9eer?" ... "Inzain Um Manaf rakzay shway lazim fe 7al..." 

2. I'll be completely fine and calm before bungee jumping off the side of a mountain but i'll have a nervous breakdown when it's time to check my phone bill.

3. Kela shakli met'thayga. Adish il bait mistansa I just had the most amazing day of my life o my parents' reaction: "Shfeech? Bachya? Are you ok?" 

4. I'm scared of the dark. I have never ever in my life slept in complete darkness. 

5. When i'm in my car kelkom ili bara et9eroon BLUR lani asra7 wayed wana if you're three cars down to the left and I passed you at 120km/h .. please don't call me and be like "ubay shda3wa ma shefteeeni". 

6. I crash into things a lot. Mostly walls, but I don't discriminate...i'll crash into chairs and desks as well. 

7. I check CNN.COM three or four times a day..

8. If I could be anywhere right now doing anything i'd be in Paris sipping hot chocolate on a roadside cafe in the rain. 

9. I wake up everyday in the morning and pray that it rains. I love love looove thunderstorms. 

10. I can't think of a #10...what do you guys want to know for the last one? 


Change said...

wallah ur so funny..
I talk to my self all the time, but in my head.. these days i'm having some difficulties in sleeping well because i won't stop talking to me..

my dad thinks i have serious issues, and he always asks my mom and sister if i was ok..

so maybe you are not so random after all..!! :P

Anonymous said...

hmmm..3endii question..laish when ur blog kan i think black and white (ambaaih nesait ay loun ;$) el mohem gabel la e9eer pink and purple..kentay ghaaair..a7ess lama u changed el colors u changed too..ga3da akhoora?!:$

J said...

I love how #5 is about me!!! loool i called u 2day o zafaitich for not noticing me waving to u when i was right infront of u!!! :P
but next time im going to honk the horn till u notice!!

CuteandCuddly said...

lol you remind me of myself about the first and i love rain :)

Sabkahawah said...

Raddan 3ala anonymous el awwal: ghayr wela mo ghayr, hal bnaya khof 6eena o 3asaha mataghayar!

Um Manaf .. yazeeenechh! elblog elwa7eid ele updates o 3alaich khuf 6eenah ethabel! khalech 3ala mantai o el alwaan 7elween el banafsejey wel wardey.. mayhezech ree7 ya jabal! :P

o tara 7atan ana akalem ro7e:P

eldctora said...

same with the car.. lol .. when i'm driving i zone everyone out..

but its no good cuz u got to be on top of ur game when ur driving :( good thing abt it tho, eny i dnt notice guys lama yt7rshon .. fa they just gv up on their own :D

oo 3al first, dnt worry abt it.. everyone does it.. ana my brain refuses to shut off oo ysht'3l overtime when i decide i want to sleep


Um Mit3ib said...

#10 shkither t7ibeny;p

Um-Manaf said...

Change: haha ana mu bes in my head .. out loud o on the phone o to the mirror akalem nafsy! ;**

Anony: hahaha shlon taghayart? o is it a good change wela bad? ;p

J: hahaha 3ad il mokan ili 9adaftich feeh kan ZA7MA! ma rakazt! Next time ta7arishay .. that always gets my attention ;)

cuteandcuddly: ee ana a3a9eb 3ala the people that don't like rain :/

Sabkahawa: your comment made my day ;* thank you so much sweeety!

eldra: hahaha ee zoning out is dangerous bes shasawiii mukhii mayrakiz

Um Mit3ib: amooooooooot feeech craving ba6 again. (o ee naqzaaaa)

Anonymous said...

eeeh goood change ;P..u seem mestansaa akthaar..madrii shloun i explain bass el mohem enna u changed in a good way ;P
sabkahawah: eeeeh 9ajja 9ajjaa..7adda khof 6eenaa walla she makes me laugh chennii mo 9a7yaa :P (kha9atan lama galat 3an el dog ellii when she went jogging LOOOOOL)..bass i think ena mafahamteenii..she changed in a good way mo bad ;P..and yeah i think el alwan WAYED a7la men gabel ! I LOVE PURPLE (L)

Cooookies said...

hmm i dont need to be driving to not notice ppl :/ khilqaa law jedamee itsalmeen bagool ma sheftich :s

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