Monday, April 20, 2009

Um Manaf's Cousin...The Police Officer

He walks into the room, head high, shoulder's broad, chest sticking cousin...the brave officer.

"Waaay ana ma anam elail min kither ma a7ateeeh"
his mom whines putting a hand dramatically across her forehead. We all nod in sympathy. Yes..he has a dangerous job...just the other day he was whisked away in an ambulance!

Would you like to hear the story?

Well..Brave Officer Cousin of Um a call informing him of a buggy collision ib one of the nearby mana6eq so he gets into his car and turns on those pretty blue and red lights o e6eeeeeeeeeeer to the scene of the crime.
When he gets there the boys who were illegally driving buggies around at top speed hit the road running and left the buggies on the sidewalk.

So...action-movie style, my cousin takes off running after them.
Seven minutes later my cousin gets out of breath and dizzy from the running and passes out.
An ambulance arrives at the scene.
My cousin is taken to the nearest hospital to be treated for Kuwaiti-Excess-Karsha disorder.
Boys on buggy are nowhere to be found.

My cousin...the brave police officer.


M said...

LOOOOOOOOOL miskeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!! atleast he tried

suspic said...


Chubby buggy ran out of gas, eh? =O

Um-Loai said...

I'm sorry bs..



Kuwaiti-Excess-Karsha disorder


Change said...

Matenlam oma leen 5afat 3aleeh el9ara7a..!! Hehehehe

ZuZu said...

LooooL 3ayal sem3ay this story, guys get in a fight near marina mall, el cops eyoon wel boys yen7ashon, one of the cops yel7ag a guy we6ee7 '3ashyan looool, el9bay mskeen 6ala3 3ndah '6ameer yred 7ag elsher6i wesheelah loool

eldctora said...

his mom should be so proud..

*saluting brave cousin for his brave-ly running*

passing out and being taken to the hospital is just part of the charm ;)

шнίѕрєг said...

wat a brave officer indeed .. XD
w 3ashw Sher6atna ;Pp

Um-Manaf said...

M: o chan zain he didn't walla! lol

Suspic: the battery died out ..

Um-Loai: haha ;*

Change: ee haha ..

Zuzu: ubaaay cute! hahaha

eldra: hahaha atleast he had the guts to tell us the story ;p ..

Whisper: hahaha sheftay shlon!

Trenchtown Stories said...

Aaaaaww! 7araaam.

Ruby Woo said...

at least he tried.. or not

jooj said...

hillaaaaaaarrrrious!!!! hahahahahaha

DM said...

"My cousin is taken to the nearest hospital to be treated for Kuwaiti-Excess-Karsha disorder."

Aww! =(