Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Um Manaf Goes Jogging

After spending almost two years studying in the States I was beginning to get a proper idea of what "exercise" and "being healthy" was...but upon returning to beautiful K-Town my definition of exercise altered slightly and I began accepting the idea that "exercising" was walking at a maximum of 1.3 km/h for 12 - 18 minutes before rewarding myself with a XXL Double Mushroom Meal from BK.

And so a few weeks ago tefalsaft ezyada 3an el lizoom o gelt 7ag one of my friends "eee ana wayed athletic.." and I went weyaha il mamsha. Little did i know that my friend was the devil who would cause me an amount of pain i'd never be able to forget.

Upon reaching the mamsha my friend took off running. After getting over the unusual scene in front of me I had no choice but to run after her.

So I ran...

...and ran...

...........and ran....

for almost 8 minutes (in Um Manaf time thats about 3.2 hours)...until I started seeing black spots everywhere. Eventually, I passed out and my friend managed to get me on the nearest bench and ran off to get the car...but not before assuring me: "don't worry bakhali my dog with you to protect you!"

Mind you, her dog is half an inch tall and walks backwards.


So today, I wanted to go jogging again and so I messaged her:

Um Manaf:
Aby aroo7 jogging, come with me...
Flana: Chub.

ps: it didn't stop me, I ended up jogging for an hour and a half
pps: I didn't see black spots...I did however see white ones.
ppps: for any doctors out there...Are the white spots an improvement? Or am I going to die?


Um Mit3ib said...

ashwany mayeet ;p

3anooda said...


please take a pic of this half inch tall backwards walking dog - LOOOOOOOOL

ma9adig - ur too funny

S E 7 E N said...


sexy_sour_sweet said...

LMAO um manaf! haha! *rolls eyes* white is MUCH better than black...

khayzarana said...

looooooooool min rab3i kila blackouts:P KNNTT athletic oo i turned into a couchpotato fa chini i'll run hal marra

Um-Manaf said...

Um Mit3ib: haha bel 3aaaks chan 7asaitay inich wayed "athletic" ...bes you'll have to ignore the white spots ili ye6li3oonlich

3anooda: hahaha ba3ad 3omri entay ;* .. next time amurha i'll be sure to take a pic of the dog.

SE7EN: hehe

sexy_sour_sweet: 9ij? ee wala wentay el 9aja hatha a9lan daleel ini i'm getting more athletic! White spots are GOOD!

khayzarana: come run weyay! ensawii jogging group (so you can carry me to my car once I pass out..)

Anonymous said...


way way way aham shay inah il dog walks backwards o is half an inch tall...

ga3da aka3ke3 bel dwam il nass ra7 ayon yeshofonee yanait or not!!!!


Um Mit3ib said...

meno gas 3alaich w galech ena i run to start with :P

it goes against all my beleifs

eshda3wa said...


last time i ran

i think i was 7 or something

CrazyCatQ8 said...

hahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaha 7asbeyallah 3ala ebleesich mawateeny the7ek LOL

ma sowat 3alaich jogging hehehehe

sexy_sour_sweet said...

ee! you are! bes don't run too much... ya3ni first week 40 minutes second week an hour.. etc..

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


if it makes you feel any better, i see both black and white spots ;Pp

and i can run for a maximum of 2 minutes before getting a severe stabbing pain in my right side ;Pp

Anonymous said...

hello um manaf... please we're waiting for u to continue ur story... the creative act... "his love for haterd" plzz plzzz stop stopping just continue till u finish it

thank you

DM said...

"pps: I didn't see black spots...I did however see white ones."

That's so reassuring LMAO.

I LOVE your posts.