Friday, March 27, 2009

A Message

I sit at a restaurant table decorated with small red candles in a mujama3 I've never seen in my life, surrounded by a few of my friends. The place is completely crowded and I can tell that it's a little past ten p.m. From a distance I saw someone standing out from the entire crowd; it was an old woman, shakel'ha Eastern European, and she was wearing black clothing that covered her from head to toe. In her arm she carried an old fashioned camera and she went around pretending to take pictures of some people and ignoring others. She finally came towards my table and stood inches from my face, that was when I realized she was something different than us and that was also when I realized that I was the only one in the entire restaurant who could see her.

My friends continued to chat and laugh and ignored the scary figure standing in front of us. She turned to me and sadly said "There's going to be a fire. Leave..." And she stared at the red candles for a minute before walking away and taking more pictures.

"Goomaw ebsir3a" I started yelling dragging my shocked friends from the table.
"Haw shfeech shfeech" They repeated but I ignored them and began to blow out the red candles on the table and as we made our way to the escalator I began randomly running to tables and picking up the candles to blow out on my way. Once we got onto the escalators on the other side of the mujama3 were more tables with red candles and just as we started moving down the escalator I saw one candle fall and the fire started.

We only had a few seconds' head start and with all the panic I didn't know which way to go but I realized that the restaurant was stuck to some sort of hotel so we began running through it before eventually finding a large window to crawl out of. Once bara we joined a large crowd of people and I found my car. By then I had lost most of my friends o weyay bes wa7da minhom. I prayed that my other friends would make it out soon.

Dakhel sayarti there was a man, and apparently I loved this man. Bes I couldn't see his face, the only thing I could see was his hand that he had extended out for me to hold. I held his hand and I hugged my crying friend, "I need to see someone who's inside" she wailed into my shoulder.
"It's too dangerous" I told her and hugged her.

That was when I noticed the old wrinkly woman with the camera...she had made it out of the building and was sadly wandering the parking lot that was filled with people who had escaped. She would take a picture of a few of them then skip the rest. I realized once again that I was the only person who could see her. Slowly she made her way towards my car and staring straight at me she raised the camera. I didn't know what the difference was between the people who got their pictures taken and the ones that didn't and I didn't know which one of them I wanted to be. She turned her camera to my friend and took a flash-less picture before turning to the man inside and taking one of him.

Sadness overwhelmed me when she did that as it hit me. She was some sort of Angel of Death and those she had taken a picture of were about to die in some way. I held tightly on to the hand of the man in my car and kissed it slowly. I knew that I wouldn't be seeing him anymore, though I didn't know how he was going to die. I grabbed my sobbing friend and told her we were going back inside the burning building. She told me that I was right it was too dangerous and that they should just wait for everyone to come outside.

"But you have to see a person" I told her and we began walking towards the flames. I didn't know when or how my friend was going to die but I knew that she had to see the person she was crying for before she did. I couldn't tell her she was about to die, it was something nobody should know off before-hand.

A feeling of sadness and dread overwhelmed me as all I could see was darkness and tears. I was comforting two people I loved before they were going to die and nobody knew it but me.

Just then a loud voice woke me up from my dream. It was el athaan...
I sit up in bed covered in sweat looking around my dark room half expecting Malik el Moot to show up.


I talked to my mom after o faseratli old ugly woman bil 7elm o it said ina its a person who transports you to the other side bes not the good other side the bad one (ya3ni hell atwaqa3) o bil thab6 that was her role in my dream!

O fire can be good and bad in a dream bes in my dream it represented hell.


I was supposed to be somewhere this weekend o akher la7tha I cancelled but the girl who was hugging me and crying ib akher il 7elm went there anyway.


Anonymous said...

omg this is scary i think you should tell the girl
and don't worry hun alah yi7ibich if he showed that now

Anonymous said...

omg omg omg... i'm shivering from reading ur dream! omg omg omg... its so freaking scary, its like im living in ur dream and can see everything!! :S yumaaah

Um Mit3ib said...

ta3awethay min blees

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Tara wayed mo zain tgoleen 7ag el nas lama tkuneen 7almana shay mo zain =S.. Deray balich.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...


Sara said...

Shit thats scary...

Anonymous said...


GOOOOSEBUMPS.. LAI MY CHEEKS! hathi 3ad awal mara t9eer..

bas igray gabel il noum..oo ta3awithay min blees!