Sunday, March 8, 2009

i'm back

I want to drop out of uni and join the circus

Aby I dye my hair loon waaaaaaaaaaaaayed fate7

Shetsawooon etha fe a7ad won't leave you alone even if you ignore him alf mara?

I'm in love with shaaaaaaay ;p

Ma3indi shay agooola just wanted you guys to know ina i'm baack ;p o walaht 3alaikom wayed o come pick up you stretchy pants whenever ur free


tigerlilly said...

7amdila 3al salama!

KEEP IGNORING HIIM! 3ad guys never get the hint ;/ sometimes i answer though and say "lo sama7t mumkin matdig mara thanya?" and it works!

oo shino il shay ili your in love with?

eshda3wa said...

7mdela 3al slaamah

tell him to bugger off

Cinderella said...
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Cinderella said...

el7emdilla 3ala ilsalamaa..
bamerich bacher il 9b7 3shan a5eth my stretchy pants.. ra7 alebsa oo maba6l3 men il bab ra7 ane6 elsoooooooor!

Anonymous said...

amba um manaf.. ana kan mu3jb feny wa7d.. oo kan yl7gne bljam3a mn mukan la mukan oo wont stop staring oo ysawe 7rkat oo madre shno.. so i ignored oo a5eran he went away.. maknt a36ee wayyyh .. didn't even look at him.. b3d t3rfen jam3at el kwt eshlon? low t36ena nathra wa7da bas yfth7ch oo ygool 3anch 5afefa oo mn hal 7ache :S:S so i ignored oo i used to see him daillly.. he was hooot!

b3dyn faj3a 5tfa 3an my life!

mn '3yr sabq enthar

now i miss him :( :P

Anonymous said...

welcome back

Silver said...

keep ignoring;p