Monday, March 9, 2009

20 Things About Dubai

1. I loved it

2. Their roads never go straight, just in circles and loops

3. Their taxi drivers insist on driving at the fastest possible speed around these circles so that within the first 10 seconds of your ride you're nauseous

4. When I had the Truffle Pasta at the Armani Cafe I didn't like it that much, but now i'm really craving it.... so badly that I want to cry

5. I met a lovely woman outside the hotel and had a nice long conversation with her while we were waiting for a cab...then I found out she was a prostitute. (Point being, they have very educated and friendly prostitutes)

6. I started using the term "Cab it"

7. Indians and Paki's have taken over the nation...wainkom yal emaratiyeen matbaynoon !

8. When you look at the Atlantis Hotel from our hotel balcony (which is really far away) the Hotel looks magical!

9. I don't understand the Emaraty accent and the Emaraty's didn't understand mine!

10. Don't ever get into a Taxi with a driver called Lanny because he'll try to sell you off to men

11. The shopping was amazing

12. For those who were asking, the Circus we went to was called Alegria and it was really really nice...the main song for the circus which I think is called Alegria too (I'm going to look it up now) is one of the best songs I've ever heard

13. The weather was cold and windy when we were there which I hear is unusual? Madry...garadti lol .

14. All of Dubai is under construction....literally, all of it!

15. Abyy Truffle Pasta :(

16. A very scary thing happened on the second night there and I really thought we might not make it through it safely...but we did and so I learnt a very very very important lesson ;p

17. It's true when they say you don't really know your friends until you travel with them!

18. I slept a total of 4 hours in the approximate 48 that I was there ...

19. People thought I was drunk about 3 times during the entire stay friend kept making me laugh hysterically then when I couldn't control myself she'd tell people I was drunk...which made me laugh even more and made me appear even more drunk!

20. You think fe majal they deliver the truffle pasta to Kuwait?

ps: I missed Kuwait the second I got off the plane in Dubai :(
pps: I'd go back there though ...
ppps: eli 3inda the chance to go to Cirque Du Soleil lay6ooofkom really..


Bader said...

shaklich estanastay ehnack!

wtha getlich ini sheftich? ;)

Um Manaf said...

agolik chathab ;)

Um Manaf said...
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Bader said...

dshaety Harvey Nichols @ 2 on thrsdy 3dil wela la? ;)

Um Manaf said...


Stalk much??

moi said...

looool@ the educated prostitutes;p, i agree!

17- i so agree! once i traveled with a friend of mine and our friendhship ended when we got to kuwait;p

Silhouette Crime said...


hahaha interesting points though bseer ajrb il truffle :P

Um Manaf said...

Moi: laaa ana i loved my friend more..! it was proof that our relationship was strong lol

Silhouette Crime: hahaha but it's a lovely blaad ;* and yeah try the pasta! mu 9ij!

Kazeh said...

"14. All of Dubai is under construction....literally, all of it!"
Yeah no kidding...They're people asking for evolution, unlike us, sadly..

eshda3wa said...

ma shift el shopping amazing ehnak

the exact same stores bel kuwait!

bs i really wana go to curque du soleil

Limited said...

i went to the cirque the last time they came though i do want to go again .. oops you saw all that construction? >.< not a pretty sight ..

w ne7n enbayn =P only at night in the right places lol! and taxis are the worst enemy of the people on the roads =@

aaih i understand your accent! =@ and ours isn't hard inzain =P

though 7mdilla estanasty =D

In My Closet said...

oo i saw cirque at vegas and it was W.A.W!!!! Glad enna 3ijabich oo dubai is wanasa i luv it !!

i agree enna kila construction oo matchofeen wayd emaratieen..;p

btw shlon a7i6 the "3addad" thing 3ala my blog 3ashan achoof # of visitors....;))))