Monday, February 2, 2009


Na6artkom wayed? la2? akeed? Zain ashwa.. (adry ni9kom wedkom etsibooni lol) Based on your suggestions bagasem el list into three sections: Things I Need to Do, Things I've Done, and Things I'll Never Do..


Go to a football match (btw..ana no3i ashaje3 el team with the nicer jersey color…fa GO ASPARAGUS-GREEN WITH THE STRIPS OF BURGUNDY!! NABII GOAL!)

Date an Italian guy + Date a Brazilian guy (wala shakli 3igub ma asawii hal ashya2 mara7 ankhi6ib...)

Find someone I want to spend the rest of my life with (china hathy mohima shway??)


Travel on an ALL-GIRLS trip...guy peed on the wall we were taking a pic next to, inches away from my kicked out of a restaurant, got kicked out of another restaurant, missed my flight ended up at the airport for 5 hours...spent another 4 hours because the other plane was delayed. But all in all it was a memorable trip!

Sleepovers (ayam lama el kil haab ib sleeping bags o khathainahom weyana kel mukan lol)

Do some volunteer work (okay re7t esboo3 ba3dain wagaft…I still volunteer at home (to get the remote or a bottle of water bes hatha 7adii))

Race cars with friends (looking back at it now .. a7es ini ghabiya. Don’t do it…you might regret it.)

Got a spray tan (the nickname “orange chicken butt” comes to mind … I still have nightmares ..o akrahkom!)

Crush bu-yoom, bu-esboo3, o bu-ni9 sa3adone done o done!

Ride an elephant (don’t ask..)


Dye my hair a weird color (sorry Coookies I don’t even paint my nails a weird color..)

Azif someone for no reason (ya Stitch… 7athy reddii 3adi azef wa7da o te6la3 black belt in Karate o kelish ma teswa 3alay…me bruise easy…)

Brush my teeth 20 timeswara ba3ath? (why would I do that Diablo…why?? .. Oh wait..chini fahamt qa9dik...)

ps: I just thought that everyone should know that I almost ran over a Duck today. Thank you and goodnight.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

Dye my hair a weird color (sorry Coookies I don’t even paint my nails a weird color..)

she told the girl with fuschia hair ;Pp

its entertaining wallah, you should try it sometime ;)

does wonders for the nafseya ;)

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


and how the hell did you manage to run over a duckie? =\

dana said...

i still think a post about me would have been very entertaining ;p
7asafa u missed the milcha kan bimkanich inich tenkha6bain there and put ur list to the test :p

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: fuschia hair? baba would kick me out of the house.
and about the decided to cross the road at the wrong time.

Dana: loooooooooooooool ra7 aktib post 3anich dont worry! la laa eli byakh6ibni makan bel melcha...he's in Tahiti signing il contracts for the private island he just bought me..and opening a bank account bel cayman islands 7ag ma9roofi ;p

Even Sweeter said...

LOOOL um-manaf daz majazich il brazilian footballer haa! ;p

Stitch said...

LOL t5ayilay 9ij 3ad you zif wa7da w she beats you up LOL!!

awww poor duckie :(

Fourty-Seven said...

AHAHAHAHAHA!!! This is hilarious omg! wanasaaaa!!! ana agool go bungee jumping or take a trip and go to a club gabil laa you get married

Um-Loai said...

Um Manaf! YOURE HILARIOUS! I love all your posts lol

Add to list of things you've done:

-Almost run over a Duck.

It's so random, that you HAVE to do it before marriage :D

Cooookies said...

LOOL Dandoon ! :P

It would have been okay law she goes to any other faculty .. u have to admit .. a white coat with fuschia hair isnt exactly umm very nice :P

Btw I wouldnt do it myself .. bas I saw friends go for it .. its like kharba kharba .. so they kinda enjoyed it;p

sexy_sour_sweet said...

hahahha!! um Manaf!! You make me laugh;P

Jam3iiya(L) said...

weeeeeh brush your teeth 20 times?? itloo3 chabdii! ;p

i want to steal that duck!

Limited said...

thats it?? =P 3yal inty 3aysha 7ayatich babe!! :**

and getting kicked out of a restaurant?? what the hell did u guys do? xD

Um-Manaf said...

Even Sweeter: eee 7ada lol

Stitch: ee et9eeer!! la mu poor duckie! poor Um Manaf!

47: bungee jumping agdar weya il rayel..;p preferrably wana 7amil

Um Loai: thank u dear!

Cooookies: mosta7eeeel i dye my hair an unnatural color!

sexy_sour_sweet: thank u ;***

Jam3iya: come to fereeejna i think its still there

Limited: eee that's all i could come up with :(
We got kicked out because....well because that's another post for another time ;)

Glitter said...

Don't go lo0king,
he'll come of his own accord and find YOU ;-)

Fourty-Seven said...

AHAHA!! Laish married ^o) w laish when you're 7amil :O UMBAAAYYY Light bulb moment you want your child to be dare devil! Chakaitich!! e7m ok im very hyper yo going crazy

lots a' love

Queen Bee said...

Racing with ur frnds ikhare3 sometimes, I always think will i arive home alive or not;p BUT ITS WORTH IT! I think i know why igouloon la7ga 3ala il zawaj, i dont think its what you have to do, i think its cuz when you get married you'll see the same face everyday ou gha9ben 3alaich itjableena, ou itdeereen balich 3alaih ou chethi, then comes the kids, teach them, rabeehum, 7ateehum, 6al3eehum and all that shit b3dain comes the khadam...and the list continues... I guess thats what they mean 9a7 wala ana ghal6ana?

Diablo said...

you want to date an italian guy oo brazilian guy ??

no comment i9ara7a

Um-Manaf said...

Diablo.. i dont i dont ;p ihma galoooli :(