Wednesday, February 4, 2009


As an avid reader at one point last year I joined in on the "The Secret" hype. I bought the book and the DVD and started talking non-stop about it. When I first came across the idea I thought it was original since I've never heard of it before bes ma3a el wagt as I did some research about the theory I realized ina it's true, the idea has been around for CENTURIES and there are hundreds of books discussing the idea of Manifestation.

Adry ina to some people the idea of "just thinking" about something makes it possible is khwara and that whatever you ask for that DOES come true comes from your hard work or from coincidence bes in my personal experience the more I became aware of the theory the more I began implementing it into my life and the more things started happening for me.

Law basawii a list of all the things I've asked for and how many of them have come true yemkin agdar agool in all honesty atleast 80% of them have happened. And I don't mean vague things like "aby ath3af" or "aby anja7" .. which can happen without asking for them, bes I mean really specific things like "I want S0-and-S0 to text me and tell me this-and-this" .. which at the time was something NEAR impossible, and it happened..within 24 hours.

Fa I go back and forth from being a believer to a non-believer, kel ma baghait shay leja2tla o kel ma 7asait ini mara7 a7a9el il shay agool 3ana kharabee6 o 7achy fathy. El mohim the whole point of the Secret is to ask for the impossible, or atleast something big and seemingly unreachable, which I don't do (a6lib ashya2 tafha o sakheefa o dayman 3al mazaj) fa hal mara I'm going to put it to the REAL TEST. Ba6lib aqwa shay I can think of, and it's RIDICULOUS ;p
And it also states that you have to set a deadline so ba36i "the universe" a week and a half bel thab6!

O for this week and a half ba9adeg kel 7arf egooloona o bamshi 3ala all the rules...
Because seriously...eshwaray? lol

p.s. are you a manifestation believer?
p.p.s sheno aqwa shay you were able to manifest into your life? (answer anonymous etha ma wedkom a7ad e3aref)
p.p.p.s mara7 agoolikom what I want, bes you can guess ..


Cinderella said...

I believe in it.. bs it happens to me in a weird way.. y3ni mathalan asm3/agra kalma oo I WANT TO hear it in a different sentence wela a3rf ma3naha.. oo sb7aan allah in not more than a week. Someone says it! Plus they're not daily-used words y3ni! Fa a5aaaaaaaaf!

zuz said...

i bought the secret but havent read it yet, but i do believe in law of attraction o i implement it alot;\, i believe that it works sometimes, o since i love philosophy, shwaya tafkeery ahbal;p

Anonymous said...

mmm can u explain el theory to those who hvnt read the book (or dnt know wht the hell ur talken abt a9lan)? e7m e7m :$:$

Um-Manaf said...

Cinderella: eee ana i've realized once you're aware of it you begin to notice when it happens..which is a lot!

zuz: laish tafkeerich ahbal bel 3aks ana i'm really into philosophy o I manage to take every topic and bring it back to philosophy lol el nas la3at chabd'hom mini ..

Anony: Basically the idea is that whatever thoughts you have your are releasing into the world and attracting more of them back. If you send out negative thoughts you get negative thoughts..and if you want something you just believe that its going to happen and it will. Google it and read it (its not as easy as that..bes it's interesting)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

I don't beleive in it.. Wain Allah 3ayal? The only correct thing in their theory ina positive attracts positive.. Thinking positively makes you attract what u want.. Full stop. Sheno ag3ad afaker chethe chethe o it happens loool shesalfa si7er oho? =p

Um-Loai said...

I do believe in it, but at the same time I don't.

I believe in my own warped version of it, because like Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said, wain Allah 3ayal?

I believe that the more you want something, something that's positive, and the more you believe in it, the better chances you are to get it from God, depending on the type of request it is, and the type of person you are I guess.

I have people that are AVID believes, as in their entire life motto revolves around it. They stick pictures around their room of things they want etc. To me, that's very materialistic. There has to be a happy medium!

Limited said...

ive actually never tried that .. i havent read about it yet even though ive been told to to read the secret ..

should i try this whole positive thinkng gets u wht u want?

Um Mit3ib said...

mishmisha w simsimaa :P ?