Monday, February 16, 2009

The Gym Trainer From Hell

With summer just around the corner Um Manaf qarerat etdoos 3ala nafs'ha o tanzil il final few o she gets into shape o tones her body o min hal kalam el 7elo ... fa eshtarkat ib gym o 7a6atlaha trainer.

So i'm at the gym o waiting yam el big weight training ajhiza 7ag el trainer and finally waray asma3 footsteps o wa7da etgool "Excuse me Um Manaf?"

Um Manaf turns around slowly....................and almost has a heart attack.

The woman mu bes im3athla mu bes hugeee (and i don't mean this as an insult)....

Um Manaf: umm yeah hii *smiles fearfully*

Trainer: Alright lets get down to business, you stretched right? Alright then get on that one over there and give me 25

Um Manaf: 25? qa9d'ha 2 to 5 9a7?? bes yala mu moshkilllaaaa ensawii 25...

25 reps later

Trainer: next one ..hurry up!

Um Manaf: ahh bedat etzif hathy..okay okay she's motivating me mu moshkila

75 reps later ...


Um Manaf: dear God Um Manaf asra3 asra3... do not anger the big heavy trainer :'(

after final machine....

I never knew that muscles could cry but yesterday mine wept like they were watching an Indian movie while pregnant!

(Um Manaf collapses on the floor after finishing)

Trainer: Alright take a 2 minute break then get up we're heading for the treadmill you're going to jog for 30 minutes

Um Manaf: (na3am? eshgalatli? china sabat ahali??) Umm yah sure...go wait for me near the machines i'm coming....

...chan an7ash.

ps: oww :(
pps: owwwwwwwwwwwww
ppps: the pain :'(


shoosha said...


Cinderella said...

Walla ya um manaf ur one of a kind!
U make me laugh so much!

Anonymous said...

Um Manaf: dear God Um Manaf asra3 asra3... do not anger the big heavy trainer :'(


waaaaaay ba6ni heheheeehe

Jam3iiya(L) said...

next class is gna be fuuun! hahaha gishait min il thihik..

S E 7 E N said...

thats old school training .... now a days all ppl need it 20mins a day 3 times a week and trust me it works a7san min hel 45 mints jogging and 200 push ups oo going to the gym every single day

Anonymous said...

Hahahahaha 7elllwa :p .. A7la shay ena geltelaha go wait near the machine LOOOOOOOOOOOL ur hilarious :p .. Ooww o Salamaatt hehe ;**

Nameless ;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

woow i wonder wat she did wen she realized u ran away

Anonymous said...

um manaf .. mind if i asked which gym ?

abee trainer chithee strict 7ail yalla ydfeed ma3ay !! :/

Limited said...

thba7teeny min el '67k!! xD OMG awena wait for me near the machines w chan tshrdeen xD ahahahaha i wanna see how ull face her next time ..

LOOL ba6ny!!! xD

Diablo said...

I joined the Gym October .. and since then .. i might of went 5 times only :( !!.. I still say im going tomorow everyday :$ .. MAYBE TODAY I GO ? MAYBE :P ( i dont think so :$ )

Haa getting fit for our summer date :$ ?

Um-Manaf said...

Shoosha: eee it hurt :(

Cinderella: hahaha thank u dear ;*

Anony: ahahah bsmilla 3ala ba6nich ;p

Jam3iyya: mako next class im never going back lol

SE7EN: shaklik bet9eer my personal dietitian and personal trainer...eshrayek? ;p

Nameless: alah ysalmich/ik .. hahaha

M, H, L: she probably started torturing someone else ;p

Anony: Flex and Champions are good with great trainers ;p

Limited: hahaha i don't plan on facing her akhaaaf

Diablo: enta bel yala etdawem ba3ad taby etroo7 el gym? o ee i wanna be hot for my date wiya el brazilian madry el itialian ili el banat ga3d e7inoon 3alaih ;p

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

ambaih en7ashtay! looooool!

Diablo said...

aFFaaa !! al7eeeen hathoul gabli haa !! MASHI :@ !!

eshda3wa said...

hiff chanzain ana i get to a gym

bs ma mini fayda

Glitter said...

waaaaii I know the feeling, heffffffffff..

Abi aroo77 gym mn ghair ma agoom mn mokani SHLOON?!!!

Um-Manaf said...

Dandooon: ee shasawii ba3ad..i think i'm going back today though

Diablo: hehehehe (a)

eshda3wa: 3adi ana bes chithee yomain then awagef :/ kelina chithee

Glitter: kelina nabee chithee!

Ruby Woo said...

Wainha 3ani hathi wainha? Please ay GYM, ana yabeeli chithe cuz ma anyab ila bil 3ain il 7amra! The trainers at my gym bas awal matidala3 3alaihom 6awifoni bas ana abi wa7da yamda nafs lim3athla hathi

Um-Manaf said...

Ruby Woo: honey you wanna be thin ..not dead. hathy mat3aref ela DEATHHH (me just had burger kind :( law tadrii bes..)