Saturday, February 14, 2009

Guess Who's Back??

Um Manaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaf!

Ha eshkither walahtaw 3alay??

It's soo good to be back.... ya rabii I realized ina no matter where I am i'm always dying to come back to lekwait... *Um Manaf starts humming wa6aaaanii 7abeeeeeeebiiiii ...*

Enzain khal asooliflikom 3an el safra shwaya.. el jaw fathee3, it rained (which I love ...) and...okay I'm sure SE7EN want's to know all about my professional skiing and Diablo wants to know if I stole his "signature snow rajal" and I want to know what Zaina did while she was there and M, H, L wants to know what car I drive, and Zuz wants to know why I didn't put her in my lots and lots of things to discuss!


I went skiing and since it was my first time I hired an instructor. Awal shay, it took me 45 minutes to get the suit on (well 15 mins to get the suit on 30 mins to complain about how tight the shoes were and how my gloves didn't match my pants) ... ba3daaaain they gave me my skiis .. which were as tall as I was and weighed just as much as I did....ga6ait'hom 3al arth and I started DRAGGGGINNG them across the floor o il instructor almost had a heart attack because I was scratching the skiis fa shalhom 3ani *Um Manaf giggles evilly*

Then el akh started walking up the MOUNTAIN ili kelish min ygool REALLLYYY high and expected me to walk warah in the heavy skiis...

Okay I honestly tried my best but they were REALLY heavy and everytime I went a little up the mountain I kept sliding backwards all the way down :(

So in the end legaina an amazing solution...he would hold on to one end of his pole and I'd hold on to the other end and he would PULL me up the mountain :)

...and it worked...akheeran we got up the mountain and I skiieedd oh so gracefullyy back down (ba3dain I kept picking up speed and the guy FREAKED OUT because I didn't know how to stop o the only thing jedami was the skii lodge's wall and I was heading straight for it..) so he skiied waray 6ayer maskeen we9arekh egooli stop stop stoppppp

...6ab3an el ghabi ya3ni mayefham ina law i KNEW how to stop chan I did....akher shay gelt mako ela age6 nafsii so I fell ;p and stoppped.... (actually ROLLED until I stopped bes mabi agoolikom because fashla)


Right after "dropping" myself into the snow I started building a snow man (casually chinnaa ma 9ar shay) bes the skii instructor kan wa9el 7ada mini o he was WAAAAAAAAAAYED 3a9abii (7asait yemkin fee 3erj kwaiti min kither ma zafniii) he forced me to get out of the snow and leave...fa magedart I steal your snow mann..


Did you go to Faraya? ;p

M, H, L:

I don't drive an SUV ;p or a Jeep, or a Wanait (as one person believes I do lol .. bes latloomoona, he only believes that because that's what I told him)


Alah ysalmich ana 7a6aitlich small space ib jan6iti between my PJ's and my dresses...bes ma kafaitay :( ... next time asafer asheel il PJ's to make more room for you...


ps.. bacher lazim I start going to the gym again :( maaali khilg
pps ... what did you guys do while I was away?


Queen Bee said...

Welcome Back:*
haha about the sking part. At least you tried;p a couple of years ago in swiss awal ma we9alt i5tera3t ou i went back to our hotel 3and umi;p
while u were away, kint bil shalaih, then came back to finish projects, study, etc..

Music, Happiness, Love said...

u still didnt answer my question ;(

Jam3iiya(L) said...

weeeeeeeh ma titkhaylain jadjad i missed you!! ;*****

tawha imnawra ilkuwait!*********(ya3nii stars)

*goes to ambush your other blogg*

Um-Manaf said...

Queen Bee: thank you ... 7asafa laish u didn't try!! ... kan 3indich derasa?? alah y3eenich o ewafgich enshallah ;*

M, H, L: about the car?? magdar agoolich ba3dain u'll know who I am in a second ! ;/

Jam3iya: awwwwww chan zain everyone welcomed me back mithlich ;** eb wijooodich hunn ... !

S E 7 E N said...

welcome back .....

and haaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahahahaha sij wallah you don't know how to stop shakoo i9arikh hel ghabiii

hope you enjoyed it :)

Um-Manaf said...

SE7EN: zaafnniii zaaaaafff mu 9iiijjjj ... wana el moshkila barda ath7ak ib wayha as i roll down the mountain!

zuz said...

shqasdech makafait?:( ya3ny ana meteena?:(:(,;p we missed uuu;*, chan yebtely snow weyach;p

Zaina said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Zaina said...

eeehh ri7t faraya;p aahhhh I miss it alreadyyy!
tikarfast ou 6i7t while I was skiing, annnd ingilabt bil snow mobile .. bas it was a GREAT tripppp! ;p

Queen Bee said...

I was too scared! 7adi ski dubai il slopes malouthum;p...Yup kan 3andi derasa wagt my brake(: Na7eeseeeeen

Music, Happiness, Love said...

hmm ;( but how will i knw by a car.. its just a car i love cars

Um-Manaf said...

Zuz: nooo ur not fat :( my bags too small !

Zaina: hahaahha ee it was a great trip!

Queen Bee: alah ywafgech...ana i didn't find skiing to be that much fun tho :(

M, H, L: hahahaha sorry 7obii getlich as much as I can ;p

S E 7 E N said...

Hehehehehehehe .. But it was fun 9a7 ?

Diablo said...

Eee ana gayila may5aleech tsaweeen :P