Thursday, January 1, 2009


ENSHALLAH MA AKEL A BAG FULL OF MINI MARSHMALLOWS KEL YOOM....CALORIE COUNT? FOOOG IL 1,000 YA NAAAS! HELP ME :( ... they're seductive, I can't help myself. Asma3hom inadooni min il jam3iya.


Inzain fe shay min ziman wedi asaweeeeh...All Soup Diet 7ag 3 days ... eshraykom? Fe a7ad imsaweeh min gabil?

Ta3abt min il akel, 9ayra wayed akil...abi akhith break

Ne97ooni ... aw goolooli 3an ur experiences ;p


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

shino hatha all soup diet?!

awwal marra asma3 3anna!

Charmbracelet said...

yea soup diet sounds good =p i have heard of the results of sounds like it would do something =p

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: matakleen ila soup for like a few days

Charmbracelet: u have no idea eshkither junk is in my stomach right now! waai33...lazim i stop eating

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Mjarbaa el diet.. Masawa shay =P No difference what so ever =p Jarrabtaa sbu3 b3d

M said...

ana mjarba detoxing.. nafs ilconcept bs with juice.. when you stop 3ala 6ool you put back weight.. la o u get depressed and crave everything!

zuz said...

thats weird;\ elyom ana ba3ad bala3t marshmallow o kbar b3d:S 63ma mo 9ij o re7ta 7elwaaaa;** re7at baby:S, about the all soup diet mrra i tried cabbage soup diet we3 we3 bas the result : mn 51 le 45 kilos 9ar wazny!!!

Diablo said...

having soup for 3 days and then doing what your doing wont make any difference .. why do people invent stuff and convince them selves that they are effective in a short time period ;/ ..

The human body maintains a certain body weight unless you ulter your diet for a longer time period .. not 3 days !! .. ya3ni your body will return to what it is even if it droped a bit or got up a bit !! ..

ana at the moment i tell ppl that ask me to EAT (healthy food at all times if possible) healthy meaning no candy sweets choc. or fast food.. eat when your hungry .. but not till your FULL .. just till you feed your hunger then stop !! .. thats effective for overweight ppl !! AND MOST IMPORTANTLY DO SOME ACTIVITY ATLEAST 30 MINUTES A DAY !!! if you really want to be healthier (get fit)

Diablo said...
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Anonymous said...

I hate marshmallows! I don't really know how u guy eat it wallah;s Ou i don't think the soup diet is a good thing...At first tang9en cham kilo then you'll gain the all back(: The best diet is..FORGET ABOUT DIET;P ou eat dinner imbacher...

-Queen Bee.

Anonymous said...

looool Dont we all :P

Moshkelaaa hal wazeeeeeen! Oo al7een bil eshtaaaaa! Rooooo7 bil darabeel oo il 7aleeb bil haaal :P

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Both have fad diets :P