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Story Time #1

... bagooolikom qe9aaa

Bonnie Meets Clyde

once upon a time kan fe bint isimha Bonnie Parker who lived in West Dallas... Bonnie alah ysalmkom was a Libra, kanat thakiya o she loved writing, but she was always bored of her life and always wanted more. When she was 16 she got married for the first time, unfortunately three years later she got bored and restless and they seperated. Thalat Bonnie et7is ina fe shay nage9 ib 7ayat'ha.

O ib nafs il wagt, once a upon a time kan fe rayal esma Clyde Barrow, who also lived in West Dallas. Clyde was an Aries o one year older than Bonnie. Clyde was very very shay6an o katha mara he got arrested for petty crimes like stealing turkeys. During the few weeks he spent in prison he suffered a lot of abuse from the guards o ma3a el wagt gam ya7qid 3ala 7ekoomat Texas. So when he left the prison he decided to seek revenge against the government.

Yoom min il ayam Clyde went to visit a friend of his, who had fallen and broken her arm. Sitting with the girl he heard some noise in her kitchen.."who's that?" he asked her..."that's my friend, Bonnie Parker.." she replied. And with that Bonnie came out of the kitchen and it was love at first sight for Bonnie and Clyde. O min 3igub that day Bonnie and Clyde were always together.

Bonnie Saves Clyde

Clyde and his brother Buck robbed several small groceries stores from time to time and eventually Buck got arrested. Knowing that the police were looking for him Clyde confessed everything to Bonnie and told her he had to leave the state. By then Bonnie was head over heels and told Clyde she'd wait for him no matter what. That very same night as Clyde was packing he got arrested and sent to prison.

Maskeena Bonnie matat min il walah 3ala 7abeebha o gamat the prison she met Clyde's cell-mate ... who told her that he would give her a map to his house where he had a gun and that if she brought it for him he would escape the prison and take Clyde with him. Gamat Bonnie o she agreed. The next day Bonnie showed up at the prison with the gun hidden in her purse; discreetly she handed it over to Clyde who told her to leave then and wait for him at home.

Two days later Bonnie garat bil jareeda 3an Clyde's escape and began waiting for him to come for her...bes lil 2asaf he didn't. Clyde made a run for it and headed to Illinois, robbing markets and stores on the way. 7azat'ha Clyde kan 3alaih 7arakat no criminal had ever done before. Kan yboog sayara yedeeda kel cham yoom o marat yboog bes il license plates of cars and switch them. Police at the time makan y3arfoon hal swalif fa for a few weeks they weren't able to track him.

Unfortunately though, his freedom didn't last long, he got caught again o sent back to jail in Texas. Hal mara he got a new idea that would let him leave; gam khala his cell-mate chop off two of his toes. The judge seeing his injury decided to let him out early and Clyde made his way back to Bonnie who was waiting for him.

Bonnie's First Robbery and Clyde's First Murder

Clyde went back to his ways immediately taking Bonnie on her first ever robbery of a grocery store; unfortunately for them however the alarm went off and Bonnie who was driving the getaway car got to experience her first police car chase. Clyde told Bonnie to stop at the side of the street and giving her some of the stolen cash he told her to go to a hotel, not wanting her to get caught if they did. Bonnie did as she was told and Clyde escaped with his friend Ray. The next day Clyde and Ray needed money so they robbed the house of a store owner. Inside the house Clyde held a gun to the man's head telling him to open the safe. By a sudden movement that jerked Clyde's hand he accidently shot the man in the head killing him.

Clyde and Ray made a run for it and the man's wife identified them as the criminals. Officially on the police wanted list Clyde made his way to Bonnie and told her what had happened. He gave her two choices, to go back home and forget about him or follow him on his run. Bonnie decided to run with Clyde.

Bonnie and Clyde: Household Names

While on the run two of Clyde's friends joined they drove across a school dance, one of the Clyde's friends asked to be let out. A policeman seeing the men and Bonnie coming into the dance obviously drinking (in the 1920's lama kel hatha 9ar Drinking kan illegal bamreeka) and tried to arrest them. Afraid one of the members shot at the cop killing him. The members ran for the car and drove off. Bonnie took them to her Aunt's house in New Mexico.

El masakeen ma medaahom in7ashaw wela sher6i 6a7 3alaihom dayseen o followed them to the Aunt's house. There the the gang kidnapped him and drove across two states with him, before releasing him unharmed. The policeman called the department and reported what had happened. It was after this incident that everyone began talking about the legendary Bonnie and Clyde.

The Mini-Vacation

Soon Buck, Clyde's brother was released from prison and married a goody-goody named Blanche. Hal Blanche ma kanat tadry in Buck kan bil sijin o yoom galaha ina yabi ishoof ikhooh le9gheer who was a criminal o ina ihwa ba3ad criminal erfithat...bes 7an 3alaiha o akher shay rethat bes 3ala asas ina yshoofon ba3ath o iridoon. Lama they met up in another state, Bonnie and Clyde were alone and had lots of extra money from the banks they were robbing. They decided to take an apartment and hang out all four of them.

In this apartment the neighbors realized the four newcomers and became suspicious. Bonnie, Clyde, Buck, and Blance never left the apartment and some of the neighbors had seen them taking guys out of their car and had called the police. The police began observing the house.

The Attack

One day in the apartment as Bonnie cooked, Clyde read a newspaper, and Blanche and Buck played cards a dozen police officers gathered around the apartment ready to strike. Kan ma3roof ina Clyde kan 3inda sixth sense ...dayman ye7is itha el shir6a were near. 6al min il dereesha o shaaf il police. Seeda he started firing at them, followed by Bonnie and Buck. Zoojat Buck ran around screaming and crying. Killing several of the cops the gang managed to run to the garage and get into their car.

They made their way through a few more states before getting into a car accident that ended up injuring Bonnie. Bonnie was flung from the car that rolled over and finally landed on top of her. The car burst into flames burning Bonnie's leg. She needed immediate medical attention and they decided to call a doctor. Hiding at a nearby farm Bonnie got the attention she needed before the doctor called the cops causing the gang to run again. By now the gang was tired, Buck was always angry, Blanche was scared and wanted to go home, Bonnie was too tired and cried constantly for her mother and Clyde began fearing for their safety.

Taking in two motel rooms Clyde began taking care of Bonnie's injured leg. That very same night the police were notified about their whereabouts and during the night a knock came at their door. About ten officers waited outside as Clyde and Buck began shooting at them; the policemen naturally shot back. Buck took two bullets to the head causing half of his skull to be crushed, but to the police's dismay, Clyde managed to escape again. Getting them all in the car they drove across state borders to safety. Blanche who had an injured eye began taking care of her husbands wounds in a grass field while Clyde tended to Bonnie. Buck was babbling imkharef o he lost a lot of blood.

Faj2a wela ye6li3oon sher6a min warahom firing again; Bonnie and Clyde began running into the field as Blanche and Buck layed there unable to move. Bonnie and Clyde each took a bullet to the arm but managed to escape; Buck was taken to a hospital and died three days later and his wife Blanche got 10 years in prison.

May 23 1934

Bonnie and Clyde began heading back to Texas to visit with family, after seeing most of the family they made their way to who was next on their list. The police, who by now were getting better at guessing what their next move was headed towards their next house with a deal for its owner: trick Bonnie and Clyde and we'll let you off the hook. The family member, worried for his life agreed with the cops. When he finally met with Bonnie and Clyde he offered them his log cabin and they took it.

Next to the cabin dozens of police officers wait and as they see the stolen car come into view, without warning they began shooting. Bonnie's screams could be heard as over twenty bullets enter her and Clyde's bodies.

The Poem Bonnie Wrote

You can read the poem Bonnie wrote about her and Clyde here.


the zuz said...

bonnie and clyde ebdaaaaa3:P

Um-Manaf said...

the zuz: i looove their story...

Zaina said...

Wow wow and WOW !
u wrote this??:P
tadreen inna 3indich mawhibat ilkitaba??:P
la minsijiii :P
law a7awel awsef ilfilm nafsich, mara7 agdar ;p

I've heard about bonnie and clyde ( the movie).. kan 3abali maleeeq. and not worth watching. matwaqa3t it was chthi! the story 3AJEEBA!

lool they attract trouble!

lazem lazem ashufaaa!!!

3ad their pic, bar'eeeen 7adhum! kilish mayloug 3alaihum innhum imsaweeen hal balawee...

Zaina said...

law a7awel awsef "" qisat'hum ***

Um-Manaf said...

Zaina: ee i wrote this o thank u wayedd ;** ana tara my secret obsession is criminals ..astaaanis agra their stories...etha u liked this one u'll LOVE jesse james, enshallah baktib 3ana next... o their story is WONDERFUL o ana shayfa il filim..lil 2asaf it sucked (bes dont let that stop u from watching it, its just my opinion)... o eee tara ihma baree2een o enthalmaw .. everything they did was by accident..then it became too big for them to handle it .. o clyde kan GENIUS! ma egdaraw 3alaih il sher6a..he escaped from them wayed more than the times i wrote, bes ana ketabt the most interesting escapes

Ruby Woo said...

7araaaam :(

the ending ka'eeba..

Even Sweeter said...

allaah ur a very good story teller!bs chan zain kan happy ending!! i didnt want them to die

Um-Manaf said...

Ruby Woo: eee masakeeeen ... eli ekhari3 ina the whole time they knew they were gonna die o 3ADI 3INDIHOM...kanaw imkalmeen ahalhom emkhaleenhom enagoonlihom coffins o funeral arrangements ..

Even Sweeter: thank u dear...adry bes if it was a happy ending they wouldn't be legends i think...tragedies make people famous i guess lol

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

i love bonnie and clyde! =D