Monday, January 12, 2009

On Um Manaf's Way to Jam3a

The radio plays softly as Um Manaf switches from station to station looking for a good song; the weather is nice and warm and Um Manaf makes the best of it by rolling down all her windows.

It's a two lane road and Um Manaf contemplates turning left as a gold Lexus Jeep flashes its headlights at her from behind. He is centimeters away from her car and is in too much of a hurry.

"Ya3ni wain betroo7 el shari3 wagef" Um Manaf mutters finally pulling out of the way and letting the jeep continue in its way.

Seconds later the jeep finds itself behind yet another car and Um Manaf notices his headlights blaring at the other car once again.

"ghabi" Um Manaf mutters finally choosing a radio station and leaning back.

The Lexus jeep finally gets past the next two cars and in an attempt to take advantage of what little empty road he sees ahead increases his speed way over the 80 KM speed limit.

In his stupid attempt to continue at the high speed he's driving at he pulls a hard right to avoid the car in front of him, only to cut off another car in the same lane. The small black Toyota swerves right to avoid being hit by the Lexus and flies over the sidewalk and into the wall at a speed of no less than 80 KM.

Um Manaf, unable to stop with all the traffic, gets a glimpse of the car folding in half as it collides with the wall.

Gold Lexus Jeep is out of sight before anyone can think of taking its plate number.


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

any idea if theyre ok?


ambaih wallah madree shagool!

S. said...

Alla ya5tha!! Chan 5athaiti his plate # so u tell the police??
7adhom ybe6on chabdi o 5a9a lama ytarkonlech while ur speeding more than 120 on the left lane a9lan madri wain by6eron!!
GOD I HATE IT!! It pisses me off..

Anonymous said...

ambai!! inshalla they're okay! allah ygawemhom bel 3afya enshala ma fehom shay

zuz said...

wallah the same thing happened to my cousin, o el bgara ely yanenat'ha en7ashat:@ , how can they live with themselves:@:@!!!!!

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: I know it was one guy alone in the car and no I couldn't stop to see if he was okay! :/ I tried to though..

S: I wanted to!! awal ma sheft il accident i turned forward to see the jeep wela it was GOOONEEEEE....eee they wanna ewafroon like TWO SECONDS of their trip!

Anon: ee enshallah he's okay maskeen wala lana shay yaqhir :/ I hope that guy is lying in bed feeling guilty right now

suspic said...

Ana hal ayam 9ayer 7irsha, kil ma wa7id ykbis in a situation where I have no choice but to be slow aki3 brake jidama cham mara.. =O

Y3ni `3ba2, elshari3 z7ma we all want to go a little faster, mani mw5ir yimen eb a lane az7am 3shan enta t6ofni eb masafat syara bs.

Allah la ywafga

Um-Manaf said...

suspic: ee jarabt mara hal 7araka...eli a6la3 jedam wa7d o 7ail brake! .... let me tell u something ........ VERY dangerous for a girl to do bil kwait ;\ .. apparently i insulted his "manhood" o it did not end well for me.

Cooookies said...

enarfizoon !! ya3nee n6eer mathalan ?!;@

Music, Happiness, Love said...

i hope hes okay!

Um-Manaf said...

coookies: ee adry...o ee 6eeray 3ashan il akh yo9al his destination 5 seconds faster

M, H, L: i hope so too :(

Lost b2amreeka. said...

abbaiihh inshalllah ma te3awar the driver! allah yasteer!

Change said...

OMG.. thats just sad wallah..!! i remeber once that happened infront of me dew meters away from my car, and i couldn't move and felt guilty for a whole week..!! :(
inshallah the driver mat3awar..