Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Kharboo6a kharboo6a ..

Mali khilg i organize likom post lah ma3na o salfa fa bakharbi6 shwaya ..

1. et9adgoon eli ketabt 3anha two posts ago, ili mat7eb um manaf...lail7ean ma estaw3ibat ina il post 3anha! Ga3adt ma3aha elyoom o ma yabat 6aryyy..

2. ana MET2AKDA ina wa9elni some kind of award min one of you lovely lovely readers bes o raby ma athker mino o mani gadra alga il comment :( .. thakroooni ..

3. khadamatna imsawyatli chay o shakelha tabee teshriba...kel shwaya itmor jedami wetgooli "um manaf the tea become cold.." (ya3ni um manaf sherbeeh lani 7a6a 3aini 3alaih..)

4. Lazim i take a shower lana bacher 3indi full day min il 9ib7 bakoon 6al3a .. tabooni agoolikom sh3indi?? enzain enzain lat7inooon...el 9ara7a mu shighelkom what i do, bes fine if you're going to cry about it... ma3zooma 3ala breakfast mukan ekhaari3 ma wedi agoool isma lana atwaqa3 ana o shiliti binkoon the only ones there (unless fe other people crazy enough to go...), then meshwar saree3 ..ba3dain study group lani khosh wa7da o yhimni mustaqbili (6aal bes okay 7awlaw et9adgoon) o ba3dain bakhali9 my final then 3indi dinner plans weya wa7daa etyaaaaaaaaaaaanin (e7em e7em shrayech feeeni flana wana amade7 feech?)

5. ga3d ashrab my tea...lail7ean 7ar...laish etchatheb il khadama?

6. imfakra a7er'ha waket il chay jedamha...

7. ubay that's very cruel of me lol .. tara im not cruel...it was in the heat of the moment and i'm over it now *Um Manaf holds tea close to her chest and smiles innocently at khadama*

8. Elyoom sheft bra size "F" .. i still giggle when i see Double D...I can't believe i'm just finding out about the "F"..imagine all the laugh's that i've missed out on :( ... *um manaf starts giggling as she remembers the bra* ...

9. ma nesait il "list of things to do before you get married" bes 3a6ooni some time etha ma la7athtaw my schedule is filled with nothingness ;p

10. El chay barad ..


Lost b2amreeka. said...

loooool chan kabbaiteee :( hehe a7is the look on her face would be priceless! I'm not mean wallah lilo made mr this way *glares at lilo* hehe have fun bachir!!

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool at the tea part;p

Limited said...

wow full schedule .. i like it when my schedule is full =P LOL kil ha 3la chai xD

w the bra .. um manaf fdaaitich tow el naas xD the laughs i got out of size F bras .. tara i saw size G and H bras .. they made me giggle even though im supposed to be too old to giggle at them =P

A Journal Entry said...

ana ana i gave u an award!!! ;p

oatwaqa3 5adamatkum mo 3ainha bil chay.. la2 tabeech tishrubeenah gabil la e8eer barid oo t6arsheenha etsawy thany! ;p

Diablo said...

we comment 3ala shinu wila shino :P ???


ill only reply to that (A)

Anonymous said...

duuuuuuuuuddddddeeeeeeeee the song moo bas nagizatniiii :| galbi lail7een i6ig :s la wil volume was maximum ba3ad!!!! *need moment to pace my heart beats* goodluck on ur final ;** ana khala9t ilyoum (a)

Abi-Omi-Abi-Oboy said...

Ma3arf afarreg bain Fs and doubles madre sheno.. They all look the same to me ! =P

Um Mit3ib said...

ana agol kitbay post kamel 3an ur dinner plans with the amazing flana;p tistahel fflana;p

Um-Manaf said...

lost b-usa: Laish ya lilo LAISH?! *glares at lilo with lost ib-usa*

M, H, L: ee adry 7adi 7aqeera :/

Limited: LAA ana lai e9eer 3omri 80 kel ma ashoof bra kbeer lazim a7e6a against my chest o ath7ak! hahaha yahel o raby

A journal entry: ya ba3ad chabdii ;** a7e6 il award ib the next post...o el thaher 9a7 kalamich malha khelg etsawee thany!

Diablo: 3an el 3ayara enta akthar wa7d 7anait taby et3aref shbasawii ;p

Anony: eee ana 3ajbatni leghniya..il chorus mu 9ij!! o thanks ;** enjoy ur break ;)

Abi Omy..: ee they're all HUGE ;p

Um Mit3ib: ee elaila lama arja3 ba7alel kel 7araka/kelma galat'ha at dinner o im going to critique her taste in food o basawee Fashion Police 3ala everything she wore (shakelha betkancil al7ean lol)

zuz said...

a7es enha msawetlech se7er bl tea;p 3ashan chethy ga3da t7en!

Ruby Woo said...

hatha yizaha it7ati your tea..

there's this show 7a6o once about this woman who wanted to have bigger implants wehya already double F or shay chithe fa 7atan bil U.S marithaw cuz kha6ir ina her boobs would get HUGE! fa she did it in Brazil (mashalla wayid amaan) il mohem o al7een 3adi her bra size we9al Z

±What±Im±about± said...

rasmii rasmii rasmii ! 7baiiiiiitich !!! ;**** ana bil.dawam oo fesalt th7ek 3laiiiiiiich !!! ;p aham shaii il.chaii updates :D loooooooool ee ee abii a3arif list of things to do b4 getting married!
btw this is my 1st time reading ur blog ! oo shaklii bakon follower min galib ;p

PearlsAndBows said...

haha i still laugh at those bra sizes! :P ya3ni e'6a7ik bra kubur rasee! ee kubur rasee, i tried one on my head a few years back :$

Kazeh said...

Hehe, funny blog, keep it up.

Anonymous said...

Dentontonictinya ..i miss thee much ..keep writing plz im being updated by these blogs in the cold western hemisphere with nothing but panda express/tmbile/and santorini

S E 7 E N said...

3. wahahahahahahahahahahaha

4. ok il post is 3 days old so you already went to that breakfast .... so when hel mokan ile ikhari3 ?