Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Alexander Supertramp

You're probably reading this post through a laptop or a computer screen, a mobile phone cannot be more than 2 meters away from you right now, and there's a television on in the background. Sound pretty accurate so far? There's some cash in your wallet, and if not, there's an ATM card in there with an ATM machine not more than 10 minutes away. Your car, or a car, is parked outside your house not more than twenty short strides away from your front door. The things mentioned above are pretty much all you need to survive today, to eat, to communicate with others, to be entertained...

Now turn off your phone and put it away, turn off your laptop, throw your keys out of the window and rip the money in your wallet. Walk out of your house and just for fun run your hand on top of your car one last won't be riding it ever again.

Start walking.

Walk for two years, don't stay in one place for too long. Don't make any binding ties with anyone, don't make any promises or won't be around to fulfill them.

When you reach the river swim across it...when the mountains tower over you hiding the rest of your path...climb over them...when you see the animals around you running alongside them.

When it gets unbearably cold do not wonder whether your parents are worried about you...when it gets lonely do not think about your friends and how much you'd like to see them. When you get hungry forget your brothers and sisters and how you never said goodbye.

Keep walking.

When your mind is so powerful your body must pay its price for being weaker, and as you get sicker and not for one second regret what you have done. As you lie alone and unwell do not think of the comfort the rest of the world is living in. Your mind has lived too much for this lifetime and now your age must pay for it.

Now tell me... what is it like to die cold and alone?


sexy_sour_sweet said...

that was ummm scary??;/

zuz said...

woaaah;\ why would i do all that??!!
ps: u've been tagged!

shoosha said...

fal Allah wala falich!!!!

Um-Loai said...

I have goosebumps.

And the first thing that came to my mind was Gaza...

Music, Happiness, Love said...

me too the first thing that came into my mind is Gaza.. did u rite this?

Um-Manaf said...

sexy_sour_sweet: lol it wasnt meant to be scary

Zuz: it's based on a real story of someone who did that ;p and loved it

Shoosha: loool

Um Loai: laa kelish mala shighel ib's about someone called Alexander Supertramp, if you google him ra7 et3arfeen the meaning of this piece

M, H, L: ee I wrote this

Limited said...

omg freaky =/

Um Mit3ib said...

sh7aga el qamtA?

Queen Bee said...

I felt peace, quite, and happinese for a minuite. Why not do it? I wish I could try it:*

-I loved the post

Um-Manaf said...

Limited: it's not supposed to be freaky! it's actually a beautiful thing!

Um Mit3ib: mu qamta mu qamta

Queen B: i think ur the only person who got this ;p