Thursday, December 4, 2008


Ya naas..i'm spending the break bil kwait o I need your help. I'm looking for new shows to obsess over, the ones im watching ga3d e6awloon! So suggest anything that's good ..even if it eventually got cancelled .. as long as there're a few good eps in there! o la7ad egooli LOST raja2an..those people deserve to die..they took an amazing story and ruined it!

Here's what i'm watching so far:

Desperate Housewives
Gossip Girl
Prison Break
Ugly Betty
Dirty Sexy Money

I've also watched CANE and BIG SHOTS which were cancelled (ma3ina they were AMAZING) .. o umm ma3ajabni Privileged ..

Tekfoon ebsir3a 3ashan I can get to downloading them

thank you .. !


Anonymous said...

-lipstick jungle
-one tree hill

Um-Manaf said...

Anon: I'll check lipstick jungle out .. bes one tree hill is toooo much DRAMMAAAA ... if i were any of the characters on that show i would've committed suicide within the first season!

Anonymous said...

Mmmm taqreeeban kil ilshows that i'm watching, you're watching ;p I love MONK! wayed 7ilu;p itha u like mystery/shir6a stuff ;p

umm lipstick jungle 7ilu.. well the first season;p the 2nd one is BORING.

ou bas hathaa ili 3ala balii right now ;p
itha tithakart shay agulech ;p

ohh, Brothers and sisters WAYED 7ilu ;p
Cashmere mafia..
Greys anatomy ( wasalt lai s2, bas kilman yimda7a)
Dexter? mashifta bas also kilman yimda7a...

Enjoy :*

Anonymous90 said...

Check out True blood w moonlight, about vampires!



Desperate housewives?

Greys Anatomy Season 5 shway ymalqoona bas definately worth it!

desertpalms said...

The hills-for sensless drama when youre bored and dont feel like watchin somethin intellectual =p

Lipstick Jungle..just started watching it i duno how the rest of the series is like but so far so good =)

the zuz said...

one tree hill!

Ruby Woo said...

Brothers and Sisters
Cashmere Mafia
House M.D
Private Practice

Mok said...

كل عام وانت بخير

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

whats wrong with lost? =(

ana ma sheft season 5, bs before that? =(

Anonymous said...

Heroes, make it or break it