Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Twilight Books and Movie

If I were to ..lets say .. read a book I really liked? Like maybe .. just an example here...but the book Twilight. And just for arguments sake, wanted to a vampire? What alley in Kuwait would I have to stroll through at hmm..2am il fayer...if I maybe, was bored and wanted to stretch my legs a little? Hmm?


Inzain so I read all 4 Twilight books and aboslutely LOVED them (and no it's not better than Harry Potter for those who keep asking! It's an insult just by daring to ask...!) So naturally I almost had a stroke when I found out that the movie was going to be released in Kuwait on the 7th.
Be patient... I told myself..only 10 days to can wait!

lol..YEAH RIGHT :p

And so for the next 2 days I browsed every single website and installed every downloading program ever created (people in law enforcement .. ignore that last statement..) .. and finally, eventually, with great effort.... I FOUND IT :D ...


The movie...was terrible. My jaw dropped to the ground at the first few scenes and remained on the ground until the final credits.

1. I honestly truly think that the director was a 5 year old dragged from his daycare center and forced to do the project. Or else, he had never heard of the word CUT! which I was internally screaming the entire movie!! So much that I lost my internal voice and i can't speak to myself for the next few days :(

2. Bella. Bella ya Bella...where do i start? Abrad minich ma sheft ib 7ayati...! It was like she was forcing herself so much to display one single emotion that she was hurting herself. Please stop hurting yourself Bella.. She stuttered and stammered through all her lines so well that by the end of the movie you're sure she has a speech impediment il maskeena.

3. Edward. Okay.. in the book he was .... undescribable. In the movie however..he was shay thany. And not the good shay thany...! Shakliyan not bad, but the actor was completely unable to portray himself as anything near what Edward really is like.

4. Now the book is pretty long and there are very important parts that you don't wanna skip in the movie which I totally get...but the writers went from one important scene to the other..and it didn't feel like the movie was playing out smoothly..instead it actually felt like a re-enactment of the most important scenes. Like you were just there to watch the parts being acted out and not there to watch a movie. Yeshga7 min mokan lai mokan the book it took Bella and Edward atleast a hundred pages before they fell in the movie it took 100 miliseconds.

---- adry adry 6abait bil filim wayed o karahtooni! So here's what I DID like..

1. The Cullens home .. was ... beyond words! Beyoooootiful!

2. The portrayed the schools, buildings, location..etc...excellently! 9ij they brought the place to life and it was exactly the way you pictured it.

3. Excellent cast (again I have no problem wiya the actors playing Bella o Edward..its just they needed more direction on how to do the scenes!) The vampires truly look like she describes them in the book without being over-done.. ya3ni 7ada believable

4. The baseball scene ... lovely!

... what did you guys think of the books/movie? (if you've gotten around to seeing it)


Um Mit3ib said...


Movie: i just enjoyed the fact that im seeing them moving 3araftay? an animation to my imagination :P bs i think the movie should be at least 5 hours long to portray it right.. a7es ana fahamt coz garya il qisa .. bs ghairy a7es they dont know the characters 3adel

Anonymous90 said...

I watched the movie before i read the book, and it was kind of very confusing? I had no idea what was going on and 9a7 they fell "inlove" WAAAAAAAAAY to fast ya3ni normal people would have barely been in like!

Then i read the book, couldn't put it down! Read it all in one day, amazing. Keraht il movie (sue me).
Awalan: They messed up il story, she didn't meet jacob and Billy until laaterrrrrrrrrrrr bel book, bel movie yemkin first scene? uh HELLO!
Thaniyan: At the end of the book he took her to prom w it was by surprise! Mu nazla min il stairs all dressed up.
Thalithan: In the book she was good friends with his sister, in the movie she barely spoke to her?

Uff i could go on forever. It's frustrating :/ But yeah, i agree with u... where would a girl have to go wonder about at 2am to have her own vampire :(

Anonymous said...

i love the books!
bas mashift ilmovie, mita ibyanzil ib kncc?

Um-Manaf said...

Um-Mit3ib: Can I be edwards second wife?

Anon: lets call up the directors and demand they let us shoot a re-make!

Peri: Yanzil bil 3eed enshallah .. on the 7th I think

Anonymous90 said...

We should definitely do that!

desertpalms said...

i loooooved the books! i read them all one after another in a crazy major reading session lool

i read TWO in one night! hahaha

i havnt seen the film yet...i was already kinda putt of by the trailer (didnt seem like the actors suited the chaacters) bas noww after this im dreading watching the film!!

i find books are always better than the film version anyway!

and yes..twilight is DEF NOT better than hp! hehehe nooo way!