Thursday, January 28, 2010

Um Manaf Wants To Get Out of Here....

Is it just me or is this weather making everybody lazy? All I want to do is lie around and my body is always aching... a7es ini 3ayooz.

Waray 3ers bacher...maly khelg. MALY KHELG! I hate weddings...I almost called in sick for my own wedding.

Chinii....CHINIII baroo7 Roma soon... but it highly depends on whether the hibernating bear I like to call HUBBY manages to wake up.

Aby a9eer more active... (but unfortunately just typing this post is wiping me fingers are so over worked..)

Baroo7 a6ali3 "Did You Hear About the Morgans?" o yemkin ajareb PF Changs bes ygooloon waiting list. Shlona elma63am? Wela bes chithi haba mithel Dean and Delucas o Napket o adopting african babies?

I want to be taller, i'm not short el7imdila 6ooly zain, bes I want two more three! Shlon???? Lazim fe 7al! Oh, ka3ab..! Bes e3awerni find me another 7al!

Aby a5ith kick boxing classes with the hubby bes rafith...he says i'm too delicate for such a 6aal eb 3aini galy "maly khelg roo7ay broo7ich" ... So sad! Does he not know that I'll be using whatever I learn on him and that it would be in his best interest to come with me and learn how to defend himself? No more tears as weapons min elyoom o raye7! Instead I'll side-kick his face!


tigerlilly said...

"Wela bes chithi haba mithel Dean and Delucas o Napket o adopting african babies?" LMAO <3

as your BFF I'd offer to go kick-boxing with you but.. ana ba3d mali khilg. :S who exercises anymore?!

w I wanna be taller too. ma7ib ka3ab w ma7ib I look up at people.

doona said...

i go to boxing classes!

7adda amazing! takes so much stress out! =D

ps: loooool @ african babies ;P

Errant said...

I know exactly what you're talking about .. it's winter baby .. i feel so damn lazy ..

Anonymous said...

egoulich fee 3amaliya ezedoun feeha fa8retain 3ala 3amoudich el fa8are .. w ta36eech 2 inches ezyada !
But the Catch is inah 99% tenshalain ! BUT let's not forget the 1% chance now ;)!

我愛他 said...

A liar is not believed when he speaks the truth. .........................................

Um-Manaf said...

tigerlilly: as ur bff im going to support u in ur decision to not go to kickboxing classes by not going myself :)

doona: "but i'm not stressed" .. she lied to herself

Errant: i'm a whole new level of lazy

Anony: Ive got 9 lives baby bring the surgery on!

Ching chang chong: ummm..a prostitute is not paid if she does not do the deed...??