Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pure Seduction

It takes a second for my eyes to catch a glimpse of something breathtaking...and immediately my gaze finds its way back to the object for a better look. My eyes linger on it for a few seconds as I take in the sight.

My breathing gets uneven and I try to calm myself as I begin to think of all the things that could possibly happen between us. I find myself guiding it towards a hidden place where no one would be able to see us. In the back of my head a voice tells me what I'm about to do is wrong, and I glance around slowly to make sure nobody, especially my mother who was with me, can see.

Finally we are alone, hidden behind walls where I'm sure nobody can see us. I have to be quick, and before I know it I'm ripping my clothes off. My arms find their way above my head as I feel the soft caress start at my palm and slowly find its way down my arms and around my body. Soon we become entwined and I can't tell where I begin and it ends.

My heart is racing as I begin to imagine my mother looking for me...this has to end. Quickly.
Gazing one last time at us together, I push it away and put my clothes back on. Leaving it there, confused and alone, I rush to find my mother.

When she sees me I know she can tell that I'm flushed, I innocently try to adjust my dress as I explain to her that I hadn't been anywhere suspicious.

We begin walking away...but I can feel its gaze on me; begging me to come back. Begging to continue where we left off. Before I know it the words escape my throat "Mama ... wait ... I can't." And I begin walking back towards it. My mother gazes at me, wondering what has come over me.

"Youma ..a7iba magdar" I told her, panic obviously rising in my voice.
I run back to it and hug it, then slowly turn around to show it to my mother.

My mother stares at me for a few seconds, not sure what to say, but finally she nods and begins to speak, "etha entay 3ajbich, who am I to stand between you?"

She gives me her blessing...and her credit card...and with joyous tears in my eyes I head to the counter to purchase my lovely jacket.

ps: 7ag eli mukha ra7 eb3eed: 3aaib 3alaikom!
pps: 7ag eli mukha ma ra7 eb3eed:
3asa ma shar, esh'hal bara2a el zayda?


S E 7 E N said...

ee i did the same thing with my dad the other day oo i told him am in love with a 53.000 kd car galy iub 3irs omik giltla thanx :)

bil 3afiya for the jacket bs china il jaw mo mal jacket al7een

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...


mo5y ma ra7 b3eed oo im like akeed she means something else until you went to the took off my clothes part ;Pp

zuz said...

7addy 7asait enna piece of clothing l2na i feel this way when i like something o lazem ashtreeh;p!!

CrazyCatQ8 said...

ok ana ba3teref ebshay!! mokhy ra7 eb3eed bas mo wayed eb3eed !! ya3ni awal shay gelt haaaa akeed kaika or kakaw .. then no no akeed ebteshtery shay chayed loooool

3alaich bel3afyaaaa


Um Mit3ib said...

hatha ele wesalteeela :P ?

Zaina said...

hahahahah... I love this! said...

expected :P 3alaich bil3afya

Limited said...


love your writing style =P lol i guessed it would be something materialistic cuz i'm like that with shoes! <3

xtc said...

LOOOOL! I so knew it was something 7ada mo 3an shay 3aib! I was just waiting for it to laaaugh. Mission accomplished :P