Saturday, February 7, 2009


Her face glows as she enjoys every second of the day she's dreamed of for years. Her hand shakes with excitement as she replies to a message she just received on her mobile..the smile on her face widens and she blushes as the women around her notice.

One of the women has tears in her eyes and she turns away to wipe them as a camera-woman zooms in for a closeup.

In a society where to love means to be forbidden from one another, she will soon stop suffering. Before the night ends she will freely join him and can spend every second she desires beside him.

Time flies and before she's ready her sisters and friends crowd around her fitting her into a dress so beautiful one cannot be but moved by it. Her smile grows even bigger as she claims that she's nervous. After a few photographs that will she will undoubtedly flip through for generations to come, she begins her way downstairs to a hall filled with friends and family. The echo of loud music can be heard as she gets closer but it is nothing compared to the beating of her heart.

And so it starts, she knows that the few hours from now until she's with her loved one are short, as she takes a deep breath the mahogany doors slide open and she enters with hundreds of eyes gazing at her and her alone.

Is there anything more beautiful than a bride on her wedding day?


Elyoom was one of a dear friends' wedding o just the look on her face made my whole week! Enshallah soon I'll have that same look on my face o all of you can help me get ready for my wedding.

- Um Mi3tib, I really hope your "new bloggers = newly engaged" theory really works! Or else beta7amalain e9yaaa7ii...


Um Mit3ib said...

ya bakhty :P
mabuga shay weseer dory ;p

Um-Loai said...

um mit3ib-doorich ha?! Tawich giltay la to my proposal!!

Um manaf: beautifully written! Alf mabrook to your friend! And I think at this point we're all hoping um mit3ibs theory proves correct!!

In My Closet said...

inshallah enchoofich soon 3aroosa oo blbs elthahab matroosa we yamich wa7id 6oweeel erish elnas befloosa ..... ;**

Mabrook 3la ur friend :)

In My Closet said...

oo ana new blogger 5an choof theory malat um mit3ib tamshey 3alai wala l2 .....hehe :))

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

um-loai's comment made me laugh ;)

ako fee wayed um's hehe ;)

shoosha said...

ana agolukum laish mo yaykum il 7ath..

kil wa7da min 7athratkum 7a6atlaha "um" ib esemha... dodahtaw il reyayeel akeed mo dareen itha ur available or not...

+ um mit3ib oo um loai: seriously... laa i mean min 9ijji ib thematkum esh'hal asami.. itha tabeen bichrech esma mit3ib then tabeen rayal o saken ib khaima ib n9 il 9a7ra (oo balla eshdarahum ib blogs ehnak) oo um loai.. seriously, mako a name any better than loai? ;p

ya3ni um manaf shway metrage3..

+ intaw allah ehadakum imkabreen nafs'kum kil wa7da 7a6atli um.. ma baga illa edezoon 3arabanat jam3eeya...

fa agolukum ghayraw asameekum oo begoom soog'kum..

e7me7m(elley egool soogy gayem ana)

Um-Manaf said...

um mit3ib: ya wailich in doorich 9ar gabel doori

Um Loai: u proposed to um mit3ib? wannnaaa?? mako proposal?!

In my Closet: alaaahhh enshallah ya rab!

Dandoon: ee fee bes only one UM MANAF! ;p

Shoosha: laaa mala manaf is SINGLE ya nas .. SINGGLEEE!!!

Limited said...

beautifully written el 9ara7a!! <3

im still waiting to see if um-mit3ibs theory about the new blogger=new engagement theory works .. lain el 7een machif shay =P

Limited is also SINGLE!!