Monday, February 9, 2009

Greys Anatomy

I don't like this show. Ya nas ma awa6na o I feel my SOUL wida yenti7ir lama the show is on. It's so emotionally draining o mako salfa o depressing o malyoon alf shay ba3ad. (Eli ytabi3 il show o mu shayef akher cham 7alqa layegra lana bakhareb 3alaikom)

1. Their LOOOONG NEVER ENDING CONVERSATIONS ili kelhom "hidden meanings" and "indirect messages". O kel il conversations are so SERIOUS do they ever just talk about NOTHING?! LAAAA lazim "do you believe in heaven...because I thought this was heaven..but I mean now .. Now I feel like i'm in hell.." ya3ni mako shay isma "ha shakhbarich shemsawya? wain re7tay?!" LAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA mosta7eeeel! Lazim deep meaningful conversations la o ba3ad min kither ma el writers yaboon isawoon conversations gamaw iyeeboon nas FROM THE DEAD for the characters to converse with. I mean Denny? Seriously? Khli9aw el plot lines?

2. Kel hal efloos min il show o they couldn't hire a Speech Pathologist to teach Meredith how to say full sentences? "Ummm...ahh...I'm not sunshine..i'm uhh..a cloudy day..and uhh ..."
*Meredith looks left then right then walks away* ...

3. Callie? Hot? Na3am? Khair? wedi awadeeeha La Mode athabe6laha 7awajeb'ha eli imsabebeeenli marath ib 7ayati..then bagare3ha o bakhali her hair grow out NORMALLY lana the lawn mower that she used to trim it mayenfa3.

4. The Lesbian Twist: Shoofaw ya nas il writers qa9eb yaboon yeqni3oona ina Callie is hot ok? Fa sheno sawaw awal shay khalooha et7ib the cute poor guy (George) 3ashan enshoof'hom next to each other wengoool okh she's really hot compared to him. Ma nefa3. Gamaw sheno sawaw? Khalooha she hooks up wiya McSteamy in the hope that lama enshoof ina McSteamy mayraji3 when he PRETENDS to sleep with her then we might start to believe that she's actually hot. Shafaw ina ham hatha ma nefa3 gamaw galaw khal ensaweeha lesbian! O due to the high number of lesbian suicides after those shows aired gamaw shalaw il shagra il maleeqa. Writers, khala9 you've done more than enough. You can stop trying. We REFUSE to believe that she is hot.

* Denny il wa7eed ili hot bil show bes ma7eb his character kelish
* The songs they pick are good


dah-na ;p said...


S E 7 E N said...

i read this I don't like this show.

hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaa mo bs ana ile ma a7iba akoo a7ed weyay .... ashwa

ya3ni Mc Dreamy mo dreamy 3indtich 9aaa7 ??

Um-Manaf said...

Dah-na: a7ibiichhh lol ;p

SE7EN: eee I can't stand it. O (i know alf bint (o maybe a few guys) al7ean besawoon comment wegooloon ini 3amya o ma ashoof) bes taby el 9ij i find McDreamy UGLY .. 7atan ma ashoofa "3adi" .. la jaikar o min9adma min kel il attention that he's getting.

Charmbracelet said...

I looove it !! its the only REAL show..! I mean y3nee gossip girl wela 90210 7lween ? my favorite is greys anatomy w private practice! =p callie isnt hot and the lesbian twist mala da3i..true

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

7ata ana ma7eba! wayyy malee8 malee8 i hate it! id rather watch paint dry =\

Um-Manaf said...

Charmbracelet: lool gossip girl you watch for the clothes and the scenary ;p el 5 star hotels and the fancy's pretty on the eyes. And 90210..i like, but it really is UNBELIEVABLE and fake

Dandoon: loooool nafsiii

Limited said...

hey i like greys anatomy! 9a7 ina sometimes the plot lines r over-exaggerated and all bs still .. i like it .. w ive been watching it since its first season .. w anyways i prefer it over prison break w lost which after 2 seasons just became bayi5 ..

S E 7 E N said...

Hiyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa ba3ad ba3ad bardy chabdi ib hel show il maleeeeq .... mo bs MC UGLY ila MC CHICKEN ba3ad hehehe amllaaaq

ĐǻñĎõøðñ : 3ala rasi inty ba3ad :)

Um-Manaf said...

Limited: you're welcome to like whatever you want hunn..ana i liked prison breaks' first season..the rest got lamer shwaya and LOST just sucks big time. Can they choose one plot line and stick to it?!

Se7en: McChicken min wain 6la3at?? ;p

Music, Happiness, Love said...

lool ma kamalt the post;p i didnt watch the last few eps.. i like the show 7aram 3alaich ;(

Um-Manaf said...

M, H, L: hahaha el nas athwaq i like a lot of things the people don't like ;p yala watch the eps 3ashan itkamleen the post!

Um Mit3ib said...

sibay omy ba3ad ?

Um-Manaf said...

Um Mit3ib: lama I get the thing I asked you to get me THEN as7ab my statement ;p

eshda3wa said...

way sektay qatheeni qatheeeni with their ghosts oo lesbians

oo laman eftakaina min elshagra el se7ta yaboolna shagra thanya et7ibha

wai3at yade zain

sr-snowy said...

La 7aram 3aleich it's really a gud show one of the best 3endi ;(
w I don't think they're trying to make callie look hot w it's getting good yet sad b'cause of izzy's situation an' all =[. !
Elmuhm Enas athwa8 :D