Wednesday, December 10, 2008


Okay, having spent the past 5 days locked up at home, I've decided to go out...little did i know, that 5 days at home is enough to let me experience CULTURE SHOCK when I came back.. Okay so this is the scenario:

Columbus Cafe...Fanar, 6:45pm .. with Sis ..
We sat at one of the back tables waiting for our movie to start and munching on some to us two girls who i'd say were about 17 were sitting. One drank redbull, the other, a blonde, sat crossing her hands and looking bored to death. They barely spoke to each other...

ENTER three kuwaiti guys.. (Skinny as hell, with 9 inch long spiked hair, and a head full of Gel ... style circa 2000, the "geezeee" look).

They say hi to the girls and sit opposite them, the black haired girl asks to see one of the guys' ID..

OH DEAR GOD SHE'S GOING TO SELL THEM DRUGS! (Um Manaf hisses at her sister..both turn to watch closely, listening in to everything they could..)

"'re don't look it" black haired girl says...handing back the ID.
Blonde still looks angry (a la "nobody understands me, I hate this world" TEEN ANGST style ever so popular in American Teen-based Sitcoms)

Um Manaf keeps her eyes open for any exchanges under the table ... none were made..

"They're on blind dates" Um Manaf's sister informs her..she has obviously heard more than Um Manaf..

"And how old are you guys?" Black haired girl asks two remaining silent guys..
"16.." the first replies
"17..." the second.

Um Manaf thinks they're 14...but does not speak.

"Is your car here?" Black haired girl asks the 18 year old guy. He tells her to wait and gets up to bring it around.

Blonde girl still insists on being angry.

"So tell me more about yourself..." Second guy says in broken English.

Black haired girl ignores, clearly the women are both out of their league but yet they are humoring these men by pretending to be interested. Black haired girl turns to Blonde and says "he's bringing the car..imagine they like rape us in the back seats ha-ha..."

Um Manaf tries to find the humor in what has just been said. She cannot.

Blonde girl lifts her lips up 0.00001 of a cm...Um Manaf assumes this is a smile.

"So how old are you two.." Second guy attempts at a conversation for a second time. This time Black Haired girl replies..

With that the two girls left with the three young men, followed by a fourth one who waited outside and got into a large jeep.

Um Manaf almost has a seizure.


Zaina said...

tara thats kuwait has become.
ma3indihum ahal hathaila??

I was bil fanar ilyoum too... ilashkal ilii shift'ha, bitkhaleeeni ga3da ib baitna to avoid seeing them again! way shay mu 6abee3i....

ZuZu said...

ambaaaih ;'( wain ahalhom 3nhom maa7eb chethiii ,,
ana 3ugb e3tekaf 6weel elyoum re7t chocolate bar elbede3 oo 9ar feeni nafs mawqefech ;/

Um-Manaf said...

Zaina o Zuzu: I know .. el ashkal mu 9ij o they're scary :( ..

Zaina: Okh u were there too, maybe we bumped into each other and never knew ;)

Zuzu: Alaah shawagteeni abi choco bar!

shoosha said...

loo ana chan tanajart ma3ahum ;p

MeeMzZ said...

OMMMMMG!! laish kuwait 9arat chithee!!

Ruby Woo said...

You've seen nothing.. try taking a walk or jog between scientific center and marina crescent. Hnak bitshoofeen your CULTURE SHOCK!!

lil asaf.. hathi likwait ;/

ĐǻñĎõøðñ said...

mn 9ijich?


omg...wats happening to the world? =S

Anonymous said...

Oh my GOD. Hatha we7na this age and we're shocked, what would our parents think? Fashelona hal jeel!

Um-Manaf said...

Dandoon: Ee I know very scary!

Elie: ana 7asait nafsi 50 year old woman! I really wanted to run after them and call their parents!