Tuesday, December 16, 2008


- laish ma safart? Laish Laish Laish ... Who can I blame for this stupid decision? (Other than myself raja2an... !)

- The more I write the Manaf story the sadder I get because there isn't a Manaf in my life and I'm beginning to fall into serious depression

- e5ty mu ga3da etsa3ed cuz imshaghla sad song that's making me suicidal ..

- 3indi wayed shighel to do this break o I didn't start on ANYTHING ... and I don't want to :(

- I want to forget about someone bes mani gadra

- Aby winter clothes bes abi ath3af awal o tawni makla MCDONALDS fa not gonna happen anytime soon!

- the song she's playing is really really really depressing :(

- noomti me3tafsa and i'm not liking it

- I feel nothing. I need someone who will make me feel something ... anything

- My resume efashel, it basically has my name and the address of my high school on it...o i haven't done anything about it...

- I wish I hadn't read TWILIGHT so that I could be reading it now for the first time ...


Anonymous said...

ana sugar:P bss mali 5ilg i sign in... 3aaaaadi i need A MANAF in my life too!!! if u find one weli 3afeech 3a6eeni his bro aw friend:Pp

Zaina said...

we allllll need a manaf... bas babe don't be saaad.. life is too short! :P inshallaah allaah yarzigich ib wa7ed a7san min manaf ib malyon marra! gulay ameeen!:P

Lazemmm ath3aaf soooon!

Um-Manaf said...

SUGAR: ana al7ean ba6la3 .. inshallah i bump into "Manaf" o if i do i'll be sure to ask about his brother for you ;)

Zaina: ameeeeeeen...7atan entay rejeeem!? :P

the zuz said...
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Um-Manaf said...

zuz: ba3ad 3omrii...3ala golat abu baker...mafeee a7aad mertaaaaaa7 ;)

Um Mit3ib said...

read eclipse, newmoon and breaking dawn

Um-Manaf said...

Um Mit3ib: i read them ;p